Product Review: Bremenn Hylexin Serious Dark Circles

Is Bremenn Hylexin Paraben-Free your rescue to Serious Dark Circles?

Reviews:  After using Bremenn Hylexin Paraben-Free Serious Dark Circles for more than two weeks continuously twice a day. I can see that my under eye dark circles getting less visible. Plus my eye bags less puffy. I believe continuously using it can reduce my dark eyes circles further. Even though the packing is in 15ml it is quite long lasting, because I only have to use a small amount on my eye areas twice a day, morning and night.

Hylexin works by breaking down the “hemoglobin degradation byproducts” under the eye. Basically, those dark circles are the result of leaking blood from the capillaries under the eye, which then oxidises, creating those bluish-grey shadows. Hylexin claims to not only get rid of that oxidised blood, it also claims to strengthen the capillaries, so the problem stops before it gets started. 


Texture: Cream type, non oily. Fast absorption and penetration into skin. Leave skin smooth and velvety feels after application.

Color: Off white with very mild yellowish

Key Ingredient: A combination of plant-based bioflavanoids and peptides, plus five botanical extracts standardized to saponins, flavanoids, ligosaccharides and oligopeptides.

Benefits: Hylexin is the first formula specifically developed to dramatically reduce the appearance of serious dark circles. Hylexin’s functional ingredients have been shown to reduce the appearance of dark discoloration and red-blue pigmentation, lower-lid bulging (or under-eye bags), and to improve the appearance of the thin tissue around the eyes that can exaggerate color differences in the eye area. Whether your dark circles are a result from photoaging, gravity, or blood retention due to fatigue, lack of sleep, or stress, Hylexin has you covered.


Application: Gently apply Hylexin concentrate twice daily to clean, dry skin, using a light, circular motion, until completely absorbed into the orbital eye area. Use sparingly. Hylexin is a concentrated formula. Note: As Hylexin begins to work within your chosen target area, you may experience a moderate feeling of warmth.

Availability: Parkson Pavilion, KLCC, 1 Utama, Gurney Plaza (Penang), Isetan The Gardens, Metrojaya Mid Valley.

Content: 15ml

Price: RM235 / 15ml


  1. Isn't Hylexin great? We love this review, Miss Sunshine! Your pictures are incredible! That is a very noticable difference. We just HAD to share your results with everyone- Check it out below!

  2. Hi Kiesha, thanks for reading out my reviews and the compliments. I love Hylexin too. Its amazing :)

  3. hi miss sunshine .. Tell me about this product whether it works or not..and how is the result after you using it...coz I'm plan to purchase it..or do you have any other brand apart of this brand..

  4. Hi Anonymous, i have been using the second tube. it does reduce my dark circles gradually, you have to use it consistently and for a period of time to see the results.

  5. Hi Anonymous, hope it helps to reduce your dark eye circles.


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