Inspire & Empower Women To Go Beyond Their Limits

Recently Cate Blanchett shared her personal inspiring moments of change was drawn to in the character ‘Carol’s life’ in the film of the same name. And talked about her other moments where embracing change had leads her to the most pivotal and fulfilling moments in her life – both personally and professionally.

Inspire, Empower Women, go Beyond Their Limits, cate blanchett, Michelle Phan, anggun
Inspire & Empower Women to go Beyond Their Limits  

It’s all about challenging the belief that destiny is set at birth and celebrating women who have gone beyond limitations to achieve success. “The chance to play Carol was a privilege. The complexities of Carol herself, in some ways, mirror many women’s lives even today and the struggles we face with ourselves.  However, it was Carol’s great sacrifice to lead an authentic life and the change that came from it that I found so poignant. The beauty of the story for me was her brave choice to be herself in spite of enormous societal pressure.” Cate finishes.

Inspire, Empower Women, go Beyond Their Limits, cate blanchett, Michelle Phan, anggun

Joining Cate at the SK-II inaugural North American #changedestiny forum to share their incredible story of change and how they inspire change in others were digital pioneer and successful beauty entrepreneur, Michelle Phan and acclaimed singer-songwriter, Anggun.

Inspire, Empower Women, go Beyond Their Limits, cate blanchett, Michelle Phan, anggun
Michelle Phan, Anggun, host and Cate Blanchett

Michelle Phan comments, “Since day one, I have believed that I am in control of my destiny and despite the many challenges along the way; it is something that has always driven me. I want to harness everything I have learnt to empower a new generation of young women to dream freely and find their purpose. It’s so rewarding to see positive change taking effect in others and dreams being realized.”

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, World Music Award winner and United Nation’s Goodwill Ambassador, Anggun rounded out the forum panel and discuss the great moment of change in her life.

Anggun comments, “Back in Indonesia, growing up as a child star, I thought success was easy. I was arrogant enough to think that I was invincible. Yet at the same time, despite the success, I wasn’t happy. At 21, I decided to pack my bags and my music to London. It was then when I had my first taste of rejection and failure. But I promised myself, I wasn’t going to go home empty handed. I realized, then, if you see a problem from a different angle, it gives you a different solution.

When I moved from London to France, it was like an epiphany. When those life changing turning points come, you have to be ready to seize the moment. Looking back, I had to go through all that to be who I am today.”

Ching Lan, deaf dancer who has forged a successful career from Taiwan. Megumi Kanzaki, founder of, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Phan, and Anggun – all of these women have one thing in common. They have all overcome personal and societal limitations that women often face to take control of their own destinies.

These are just a few out of the hundreds of women whose inspirational stories SK-II has collected as part of its global #ChangeDestiny movement. Some of the stories were developed as videos and uploaded on SK-II’s official YouTube channel.

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  1. Empowered women empowers other women too. Yassss. I'm all about girl power and empowering others too!

  2. It's nice to see that there are icons who really use their influence to empowers women. They can really inspire and lift other people up.

  3. I love what SKII is doing! Collecting these empowering stories like that of Anggun, will inspire women all over the world to pursue their dreams and passions.

  4. I love how women are trying more and more to empower each other! It's a wonderful time to be a woman! More helping each other, rather than putting each other down.

  5. There are so many powerful women out there that have great messages for our youth. I love to see women build each other up and not tear down what we have accomplished.


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