Eco-Camp & Picnic in the Dark @ The School Earth Hour 2016

Hello! What is your plan for next weekend? Why not head over to join the Eco-Camp & Picnic in the Dark at The School Earth Hour 2016 with your family and loved ones. There will be fun-filled activities and performances for everyone and also its part of the initiatives to raise the awareness on environmental issues and participate in the recycling program.

Well in conjunction with the Earth Hour celebration this 19th and 20th March, The School in Jaya One will be kicking off the Eco-Schools Training Centre in collaboration with the Eco-Schools Programme by WWF-Malaysia (World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia) on the Ground Floor. 

Hope that this training centre will help to shift mindset and empower the young generation to start recycling their waste as well as to educate them that every little step counts in making the world a better place.

By the way, there will be myriad of educational workshops and exhibitions on sustainable living, live performances by talented homegrown artistes, food bazaar and a healthy living eco-camp throughout the two days.

Remember this 19 March, Saturday evening will be further enlivened as Megan Tan will be taking the centre stage to entertain the crowd. There will be exciting performances and appearances by the learning tenants in The School as well as a host of notable entertainers such as Dina Nadzir, Baki Zainal and Shawn Lee just to name a few.

Stay on… and when the clock strikes 8.30pm on the 19th March, The School will be converted into a picnic in the dark for an hour as nonessential lights will be turned off for an hour in support of Earth Hour, a worldwide movement to raise awareness on climate change and other environmental issues.

Sound great right! So all these activities are open to public and will commence from 11am until 9.30pm on Saturday, and 11am until 4pm on Sunday. For all food aficionados, this two-day event is not to be missed as it also boasts various gastronomical delights featuring artisanal food vendors and food trucks ranging from local favourites to homemade desserts.

See you there!

For more information about Eco-Camp & Picnic in the Dark @ The School Earth Hour 2016, please visit The School Website and Facebook Page


  1. sounds cool to have eco camp there. will support Earth Hour again this year!

  2. Sounds like such a great fun camp for school kids. How come we never had such things when I was schooling?

  3. Wow! An eco camp! That sounds like good fun to educate kids about the effect of global warming.

  4. Wow! An eco camp! That sounds like good fun to educate kids about the effect of global warming.

  5. Sounds great! Good cause to promote to take care of our Earth :)

  6. all seem so excited about this eco camp. mustn't missout!!

  7. Very great and healthy event, everyone should join the event~


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