Richard Marx Solo Tour Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur

My heart skipped a beat when he sang Right Here Waiting at the end of his live concert. I wish he could sing that again and again. That evening most of Richard Marx fans sang along with him including myself. So now you probably can guess I am from which era huh, shhhh… Well, it was an pleasurable evening at Richard Marx The Solo Tour Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur held at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Richard Marx The Solo Tour Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur

I enjoyed every songs during the 2 hours straight of his classic and new hits. The evening started with the soothing Endless Summer Nights, still remember this song. It’s not a hit song but I like the lyrics. 

Richard Marx The Solo Tour Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur ~ Right Here Waiting

A performer, songwriter and producer, Richard Marx’s nearly three-decade-long career has had innumerable of highlights. The Chicago native has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.

He did an unplugged for Angelia and saved the best for last, no he is not going to skip Right Here Waiting... because we were waiting for that.

Set List - Richard Marx The Solo Tour Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur:
1. Endless summer nights
2. Take this heart
3. Keep coming back
4. Now and forever
5. Hazard
6. Save me
7. Turn off the night
8. Dance with my father again
9. This I promise you (he wrote the song with Nsync back then)
10. Satisfied
11. Just go
12. Angelia
13. Don’t mean nothing
14. Should’ve known better
15. Right here waiting

Richard Marx The Solo Tour Live Concert
@ Plenary Hall, 
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Thanks to Fat Boys Malaysia for the invitation. I had a great evening. For more information about Richard Marx Solo Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur, please visit Fat Boys Malaysia FacebookPage and Instagram


  1. Oh my gosh, Richard Marx?!? It has been ages since I have heard his music. What a cool concert to be at.

  2. Oh he's coming here too. :) Been seeing his ads on TV.

  3. My fave solo singer and the favorite also of my youngest daughter. "Right Here Waiting" Richard Marx's solo single record signature is our favorite song in 1989 and even today.

  4. Whoa! Still remember his romantic song. He doesn't look that old.

  5. wow...Richard Marx!! love the romantic song !!Kelly, really a wonderful evening to enjoying with lovely song.

  6. Woah you are so lucky! Must have been a really enjoyable evening with Richard Marx singing.

  7. Wow! I love Richard Marx's songs. Right here waiting is my most favorite. You're so lucky you've watched him live.. Cool!

  8. wah so nice one! I love his songs a lot :)

  9. Those are classic hits on the playlist. You are lucky to have watched this one live.

  10. Richard Marx! I have like his greatest hits album at home and his voice is just soothing. You're so lucky to see him live!!!!

  11. OHHHH LUCKY YOUUU.. i wish i could go! :P

  12. This reminds me of when i was much younger hehe. Lucky you to get to enjoy this experience!

  13. I bet you've had an enjoyable evening =)

  14. Wow. Heart skips a beat when you see a person you're a fan of in real life!!

  15. so lucky to meet him in person!! his performance is indeed very good

  16. wah lau... jealous man... Richard Marx...! memories man of the early 90s karaoke sessions. Thanks for sharing. Hope to catch Richard Marx concert one day too.

  17. Wonderful! it must be really exciting to meet him in person.


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