Healthy & Tasty Organic Vegetarian Meals

I have to constantly remind myself to lead a healthy lifestyle and diet until it becomes part of me. However, I do indulge once a while but after that have to get back to having ‘more green’ in my diet. Most of us assume that organic vegetarian meals are bland and less pleasure to the taste buds. That’s not true, it depends on how we prepare and cook it because eating healthy can be tasty too.

Healthy & Tasty Organic Vegetarian Meals 

According to a 2013 study by UK medical journal Lancet, Malaysia has been rated as the highest among Asian countries for obesity. Compared to global rates of around 30%, nearly 45% of Malaysian men and 49% of Malaysian women are overweight or obese. Obesity is known to be one of the risk factors of diabetes and heart diseases―the number one silent killer in Malaysia. Having a healthy, balanced diet is becoming more crucial as an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Ms. Cammie Tang, Nutritionist of BMS Organics

According to Ms. Cammie Tang, Nutritionist of BMS Organics, going organic is not a huge life-changing or challenging decision but once you realize its importance, you should approach an organic lifestyle in baby steps relevant to your life – starting with your meals.

Celebrity Chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail aka Chef Wan cooking demo

We were at Celebrity Chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or fondly known as Chef Wan cooking show at BMS Organics, Sunway Pyramid to learn about how to create create delicious, nutritious Malaysian dishes by using our organic, eco-friendly produce and products.

For example, we can substitute soy milk instead of using the coconut milk in our cooking and use more fresh and organic ingredients in our daily cooking. Chef Wan can easily whipped up curry laksa using all the healthier and fresh ingredients without compromising the tastes.  

One Day Without Meat & Meat Free Monday
BMS Organics encourages everyone to start observing “a day without meat in a week” and see how much difference this little change makes. In short, less meat leads to better health. Meat Free Monday, go vegetarian at least once a week on Monday.

The organic products being sold at BMS Organics have been certified by many local and international bodies. BMS Organics has a SOM (Soil of Malaysia) certified organic farm in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Its house brand has even passed the HACCP System (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) recognised by international organizations. BMS’ Organics factory is a certified organic food re-packer approved by Australia NASAA.

Less Meat For Better Health
As organic vegetarian foods are rich in fiber but low in sugar and fat, they help to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure caused by unhealthy diet. Certified organic produce and products are free from pesticides, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. As such, they also help lower exposure to chemicals that are harmful to our health. 

Nasi Lemak, Asam Laksa and Curry Laksa

After the cooking demo and sharing session by Chef Wan, we were served organic vegetarian lunch. There were Nasi Lemak, Asam Laksa and Curry Laksa.

Organic Vegetarian Nasi Lemak

I chose the Nasi Lemak that comes with wholesome brown rice, tasty sambal make with fresh spices to promote metabolism and organic soy milk as substitute for high cholesterol coconut milk and protein rich organic beancurd (tau bao) skin as faux meat.

BMS Organics 

Besides eating, why it is necessary to make the “internal and external” of oneself more organic. Be mindful of other aspects observing an organic life.  BMS Organics has an extensive range of organic and eco-friendly products such as personal care and skincare products, health supplements, food and beverages as well as other household items. 

The three wholesome organic recipes by Chef Wan are available on BMS Organics Website at


  1. i used to think vegetarian meal is boring. but it doesnt seem like it at all :D love the special dish by chef wan

  2. wow... vegetarian nasi lemak and curry laksa seems pretty interesting... Must try out those recipes...

  3. Organic food indeed a healthy meal for whole family. Chef Wan nasi lemak looks simply delicious.

  4. oh we are in the same mall! but different place on the day and time :D

  5. The curry laksa was soooooo sedap! Now am gonna start eating organic too lol

  6. Organic food is definitely all the rage right now. Will certainly check out BMS Organics Kels <3

  7. Hope you have enjoyed the meal & continue to go green for health!


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