Korean Drama Series: Only My Love

Korean Drama Series, Only My Love, Lee Min Young, Jung Sung Hwan, Song Jae Hee, You’re Still The One, Han Da Min

We know that life is hard and rare from rag to riches. This is a story of a woman who loses everything after her husband commits a crime. Will she be able to start her life anew? Only My Love is rag to riches story of Go Eun Jung (Lee Min Young), the daughter of a poor widow who polishes shoes for a living. 

After marrying Sung Jae (Song Jae Hee), she finds herself entangled in a crime committed by her husband and her mother-in-law, who were blinded by greed. As a result of this, she loses everything she possessed.  Despite the setbacks, she is determined to start her life anew. She takes up a new job as a shoe designer of a prestigious brand and works her way up the corporate ladder.

Get that story of a shoe designer and all the hardship that she has to go through for survival. It is not easy to achieve our dream and fulfilled our life in the story of Only My Love.

Cast: Lee Min Young, Jung Sung Hwan, Song Jae Hee (You’re Still The One), Han Da Min

Director: Kim Jung Min

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