What do you care about?

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Someone asked me...What do you care about? Well, there are a lot of things a care about actually. Of course the priority is my family that could be on everyone’s list. Hey! it’s your family if you don’t care for them, who will care for you. Next would be my wellbeing… I definitely care for myself. Learn to love myself, protect myself and be happy with myself. That is the key! I Care about Happiness and Love.

Ok, look things in a bigger perspective, all we want is to be happy, to love & be loved; don’t you agree? True or False? You are happy because you have the things that you need and wish for, the people that love you and they love you back.

But some people just can never be happy with themselves I am not sure why, perhaps is their past experiences or they can never be contented with what they have nor appreciate the people around them.

Psst... thanks to Shivani (penmyblog) for taking this awesome shot for me ~ love you :D

Well, happiness is a matter of choice, I don’t want my happiness to be conditional on the behavior of other people. If others try to put us down, we have a choice either to let them continue to suppress us or just walked out and lead our own life without them. I think without this type of negative people in our life would be better. Learn how to adapt and change, change is painful but in long term it will benefits us.

I choose to be happy and love the people around me. Gonna appreciate every moment of my life and be grateful for all the blessings. Thanks God and please forgive me for my wrong doings. I am still learning and experimenting life.

We only live once so make it a better and brighter day, every day. 
Remember to Live life to the fullest ~ All About Malaysians

What do you care about?

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  1. What is going on you?every thing ok?would like to speak with you sometime.not sure that's gonna happen,can hope.it's all posh , you write pretty good also.wgd,usa


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