7 Interesting Self Storage Facts

Self-storage is a growing industry that enables families and individuals to store their belongings safely. Many people are finding it beneficial to free up space in their homes by renting storage units and spaces all around the United States. If you’re interested in learning more about self-storage, here are 7 facts that you should consider it.

Self-storage is a growing industry. It has been called one of the fastest expanding areas in the industry. Many more people are choosing to store their inventory and personal items in lieu of having them clutter up the home or business space. Each year Livelyt Self Storage expands as they meet the increasing demand for space from the populace.

Many things can be stored in units. Storage is not only limited to small items and appliances like pieces of furniture and clothing. Vehicles like motorcycles, cars, and even boats can be put into storage and kept safe and secure. About 20 percent of storage units west palm beach area provide RV or boat storage, keeping marine fees to a minimum.

Most people using storage live in single-family homes. This is surprising since homes tend to have more space available than apartments or condominiums. Less than a third of individuals renting storage space live in condos or apartments. This is likely due to the difference in income between single families and apartment dwellers.

The length of rentals is astounding. Surveys indicate that about 30 percent of people that rent storage space do so for over 2 years. Over 20 percent rent for more than a year but less than 2 years, and a little over 35 percent rent for less than 12 months. This indicates the need for storage can be extremely temporary or almost permanent, depending on each individual’s situation.

Construction has been quickening. When storage units entered the industry, it took over 25 years to build a billion square feet of rental space for the demand of the population. It only took 8 years to construct the next billion square feet of self-storage space, saying something for the increasing demand for storage units.

Technology is making storage more accessible. Many companies give the customer the option to sign up online or through an app. They can also pay through these channels as well, decreasing the need for them to make trips to storage and increasing the likelihood they will pay on time. Automatic payments can also be set up, gates can be automated as well as locks.

Climate control is now available. Many units now have the option to control the temperature and humidity inside storage units. This is extremely important for individuals that plan to leave their items in storage for longer durations of time. Items that suffer in humidity, like books and wooden materials, can mold, and degrade rapidly if the temperature is too hot or air is too moist.

If self-storage sounds right for you, look into some local possibilities that could keep you from having to hold a garage sale. Instead, find an affordable unit with all the amenities you need for your precious items.

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