Guide to Buying Gold Chains

A gold chain is an ever-fashionable, luxurious, and stylish piece of jewelry that you use to impress your woman, appreciate your man, or simply express your taste. But choosing a good one can be a heck of a nightmare when you don’t know what to look for. Quality, length, material, style, and size are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a gold chain.

This being a simple tip of the iceberg, here are some tips you can use as your guide to buying gold chains:

1. Chain Types

Regardless of the material, there are many different types of chains in terms of design, look, and feel. As you can see online from Fraser Ross Gold Chains, some of the most common options include box chains, snake chains, ball chains, and snake chains, just to name a few. 

Before choosing a particular gold chain, it’s important to think about the intended user (male or female), the frequency of use, and their convenience of wear with various outfits. Additionally, some types of chains are known to stick on certain types of clothing, whereas some break or twist easily.

2. Purity and Material Options

There are three main types of gold chains in terms of material and gold purity. These include solid gold, gold filled, and gold-plated chains. Solid gold chains are made from 100% gold, often referred to as 24-carat gold chains. These are the purest and tend to be more expensive. Ringspo has a guide about the different types of gold purity and how they affect value that you can take advantage of.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, a gold-filled (composed of gold bonded with other metal alloys) chain can be ideal. On the other hand, a gold-plated chain is one that is primarily made from another metal with a thin coat/plating of gold on the outer surface. The latter option is the most inexpensive, although tends to require more maintenance and it’s also the least durable option.

3. Know Your Style

It’s also important to consider style when buying a gold chain. If you’re a more outgoing kind of person, for instance, a larger, eye-catching chain can do great on you. As far as style is concerned, there are many options to choose from, ranging from simply elegant to casual, and minimalist looks. Pick a style that best represents your tastes and preferences as well as one that blends well with the outfit.

4. Chain Length

It is important to choose the right chain length. You don’t want a gold chain that is too short or too long for you or your outfit. In most cases, longer chains tend to do best for outdoor events and parties, whereas shorter ones tend to do great for everyday wear. 

As a matter of fact, some gold chains are designed with comfort in mind, such that you can go to bed in it without worrying about tangling or sleep marks in the morning. By all means, avoid a gold chain that is too short for you, it might get you choked, especially during sleep.

It is undeniable, that gold chains have, are, and will be all the rage in many years to come as far as the jewelry industry is concerned. Whether you’re after an awesome necklace, anklet or bracelet, gold chains will never let you down. 

And with the above tips in mind, you can confidently approach your gold chain purchase. You just have to choose your vendor or dealer careful, as this will have a huge impact pricing, quality, and your range of options.

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