Teeth Whitening Kits - More Than Just Aesthetics

For so long some of us have had to swallow our thoughts about our teeth appearance, remembering to smile without flashing them every time someone busts out a camera. But now? Getting and maintaining white teeth is so easy, and can be done while you binge on Netflix. But teeth whitening is more than just aesthetics, and the benefits extend far past that moment when you see yourself in the mirror with white teeth smiling back at you, according to this Sarasota FL DentistHere’s what you can expect when you choose to whiten with teeth whitening kits.

They look great, naturally

The growth in teeth whitening kits speak for itself - they do an incredible job! Plain and simple. It’s been embraced by men and women of all ages, solely because the results are not just great - but natural. No one wants to be parading down the street with blinding teeth, it’s too obvious and stands out for all the wrong reasons. The best teeth whitening kits from Advanced Whitening lightens your teeth by up to 12 shades, but looks more like you won the genetic lottery rather than doing it yourself. It’s a little secret between you and the kit. Natural-looking white teeth allow you to present professionally and consistently.

They boost confidence

Unfortunately we all have our insecurities about how we look. For some reason the things we don’t like about ourselves seem to plague us, no matter how many people say that it isn’t true. When it comes to the face and teeth, this feeling can be heightened. Combat your insecurities head on, and give yourself a little ego boost by treating yourself to a teeth whitening kit. Inner beauty always was and is the best look to you have, but if some cosmetic adjustments help that self shine through - you would be crazy not to explore it.

A convenient solution

It’s hard to believe that your smile and appearance can radically change in just 10 minutes. 10 minutes! No waiting in a dental clinic for your appointment, or watching complex tutorials on YouTube that never seem to get your teeth whiter. Teeth whitening kits are incredibly convenient, and allow you to control when you whiten, and where. Got an event next week? No worries, just use the teeth whitening kit while you watch TV or while you cook dinner.

Safer than other measures

Only a dental professional can tell you exactly what is right for your teeth, so be conscious of other teeth whitening procedures and do the research. The benefit of quality teeth whitening kits is that they contain ingredients that won’t cause harm to your teeth. Try and avoid kits with too many chemicals, and make the decision of whether you want a peroxide-free or hydrogen peroxide kit. Peroxide is safe and often used by dentists, but always query other providers and make sure the solution will give you results safely.
Affordable for all

Previously the concept of teeth whitening was one reserved for celebrities and people with serious savings. Now it is available for everyone, at a small price and even better maintenance cost. In past years people would get a professional teeth whitening, but without follow up appointments your teeth brightness would inevitably fade and the different in colour would be more evident than before you started. Now you can have peace of mind knowing the cost to keep your teeth bright is within your control.

Teeth whitening kits have become a revolution for a reason, but that’s not to say they are all the same. Finding a reputable brand with proven results will get your smile where you want it to be, while being easy and affordable to maintain.

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