Perfect Gifts for the Businessmen and Women in Your Life

Your partner, friend, or colleague might be regularly jetting off to another business conference, or is constantly working hard on spreadsheets and the next budget report. From backpacks to water bottles, we've put together this list of some great gift ideas for the traveling business person.

Business Backpack

For someone that's always on the move, a good backpack is a must. To be able to throw everything you need for a meeting, all the way to your travel luggage on a flight, a good backpack must be lightweight, comfortable, and big enough to fit your laptop and accessories. You may be tempted to go with a laptop case or satchel option, which seems like a good choice if you're carrying around papers and iPads. However, from experience, a backpack is better on the shoulders and far more flexible. Choose a professional-looking backpack, most likely in black. But then, take note of the pockets and other areas for great spots to put in things like headphones, chargers, and pens.

Portable charger

Perfect for both long conferences with hundreds of people fighting over about three sockets, or long-haul flights, a portable charger is a great gift for someone that needs to stay connected with their phone, headphones, and portable payment method like powercash. Take note of the primary devices your friend or colleague uses. If you're not sure, go for an option with both standard USB and USB-C ports, as well as the Apple alternatives. The next thing to look for is the size. Many smaller models may be useful for an extra charge or two, but to really up the page, get a portable charger a bit higher up the scale that will keep you online all day. 

Wireless noise-canceling headphones

When trying to work and travel, one of the concerns is the noise around you. A good pair of noise-canceling headphones is the perfect item to block out the outside world and get some work done. We recommend a pair in the $40-mark and above budget to make sure you're not losing out on quality, and bonus points for picking a wireless option. This will mean fewer wires and less clutter, with most models having magnets attached to each ear bud and can connect around your neck.

A new water bottle 

For those that need to make a lot of visits to the airport, a high-quality water bottle that can be refilled is a great option, especially as you can't take water through security. Without a reusable option, you're forced to spend a fortune on the bottled water in the airport, which also contributes to the massive amount of unnecessary plastic waste. 

International plug converter

This is another great accessory to stay plugged in and connected, and can be an easy one to forget for the international business person. We recommend getting a model that has multiple different converters, rather than just one, to maximize usefulness.

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