How to Make Money While Cleaning Your Old Stuff

Do you have old, but functioning phones sitting somewhere and just gathering dust? Or a closet full of glamorous dresses that you won’t be wearing anymore? It can be surprising how fast these items accumulate, but cleaning them is usually on the bottom of a person’s to-do list. However, would you be willing to declutter dusty old items knowing that these can make you serious money? If yes, then continue reading this article to learn how you can make money out of your old stuff.

1. Lend your dresses

Renting dresses to make money is now a growing trend. There are websites that enable its members to lend their designer clothing for cash. If you have a designer dress hanged unused somewhere in your closet, then you should consider listing it to free up some space and make some money.

Lending your dress can be done by following these few simple steps:

● Register an account and log in
 Click “List Your Dress”
 Enter dress details
● Upload well-lit and clean photos
 Confirm listing

The rental fee of your dress will be determined by the recommended retail price, age, and condition of the item. Generally, a dress in “as new” condition is listed for 25% of its recommended retail price. When you’re done listing, all you have to do is wait for borrowers to request the item.

2. Sell old phones

If you’re the kind of person who takes advantage of handset plans, then most probably, you have fully-functioning phones that you don’t use anymore. However, selling old tech can be tough.

There are websites that accepts pre-owned consumer electronics in exchange for cash, PayPal credits or Amazon gift cards. They accept most major brands and gadgets such as:

 Apple TVs

All you have to do is enter your gadget’s details and wait for an offer. If the deal is good enough for you, then you can ship them the item free of charge. Once the buyer receives the item and confirms its safe delivery, their payments will also be sent to your account.

Although you can always sell your gadgets yourself, selling it through a pre-owned consumer electronic trading website allows a faster and more convenient transaction.

3. Lend a room

When you’re all done with cleaning, chances are, you’ll end up with an empty spare room. So, why not make some income out of it? Making money with the sharing economy has now become a popular choice among homeowners.

Home sharing platforms can help you monetize a spare room. The kind of home or room you want to share won’t matter, as they will make it simple and secure, for you to host travelers. You’ll be in full control of prices, availability, and house rules. Some of these home sharing platforms will even have your home and belongings covered against property damage and accidents.

Hosting is as easy as these steps:

● List your space without any sign-up charges
 Choose your prices, guest requirements, and schedule
 Get your listing live and wait for guests to reach you out

Payments will be sent through direct deposits, PayPal credits, or other payment methods applicable in your area.

4. Sell books

If you love books, then surely you’ve got a ton of them. May it be kids’ books, teenage fiction books, textbooks from college, or rows of best-selling novels. If you’re planning to sell them to make some money, then book trading websites got your back.

Common books such as the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Da Vinci Code quotes around $1.00 to $10.00 each. Just by selling a collection of these books can easily give you a few hundred. Selling book online could not be easier, just follow these steps:

 Go to online book trading websites
 Enter your books ISBN (International Standard Book Number) in the box provided on the website to know price quote of each book
 Ship them your books for free

You also don’t have to worry about the shipping costs, because these websites usually offer free shipping fees. Payments through checks or wire transfers are issued three days after the buyers receive their books.

Selling your unused things is a win-win situation for everyone; you’d get clean shelves and some money on your pocket, while the buyers get their items for a fraction of the cost. It’s also a good idea to donate some of these items, especially unused clothes and shoes.

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