Top Mobile Apps to Meet Someone Online in 2019

It's estimated that over 25% of all relationships start online in 2019, which also means this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to meet someone for a casual or committed relationship. Apps aren't just for young millennials either, and are now used by people of all ages, genders, and races. As you have your smartphone with you at all times, this is a great opportunity to casually chat to new people as you go through your day, rather than having to go out of your way to try to meet new people all the time. Also, the people that are looking to meet someone online are in the same position as you. They're single and looking for some sort of relationship, unlike many people that you may try to speak to in your day-to-day that may be taken.

1. Tinder

This is a free app and most likely the most well-known dating app in the last five years. If you aren't aware already, Tinder lets you create a profile with pictures and a bio, select your gender and age preference, and then swipe right if you're interested in them, and left if you're not. Tinder is more traditionally known for people looking for something casual rather than a relationship, so keep this in mind if you're thinking of using it. Meanwhile, many people clearly state in their bios that they're looking for something more than this, so definitely don't rule it out as you have numbers on your side. People from all walks of life use Tinder, so it's an excellent place to start meeting new people.

2. Bumble

Bumble is similar to Tinder in that it's free and you create a profile, but is different in one fundamental way. On Bumble, only the women can select if they are interested in a man or not. This makes it a much safer app for women, and they aren't simply being matched with every guy, but can select the ones that they like. Also, the app only shows people that are close to you, so you can be sure that they are someone that you can date in the future. In addition, if you match with someone, the woman only has 24 hours to speak to you. If she doesn't, the match will disappear. This trend continues for each person to try to keep the conversation flowing. The issue is that if you forget to check your app for a day, you might miss out on meeting the person of your dreams.  

The great thing about dating apps in 2019 is that there's an app for many different types of interests. Swirlr is for people mainly interested in interracial dating. ‘Swirling' isn't just about the color of someone's skin, though. It gives you lots of chance to add information about yourself to find someone who fits you perfectly.

App developers continue to provide us with new, interesting platforms to match up with a partner who we would never have been able to find by ourselves.

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