5 Ways To Increase Emotional Intimacy with Your Boyfriend

Good looks, and a nice physique makes it easy to allure the man of your dreams in your life but even you know that physical intimacy is not enough in a relationship to form an emotional bond with the person you are attracted to. A strong emotional relationship requires efforts and compromises which could make him spend rest of his life with you or go out of his way to make you happy.

For a happily ever after fairytale, it is important that love should be alive through the years and there is no best time to form emotional quotient with your partner than now. The 5 ways mentioned below will make your boyfriend form a deep emotional bond with you to form a love story that never dies.

1. Praise Him

Whether it is an appreciation at work place or he just won a bowling tournament, be there to praise him on his achievements. He will feel more positive in his life and will hold you responsible for all the good things coming his way. He will know that his number one fan is always there with him to cheer him on, on every positive aspect of his life. He will look forward to getting your appreciation.

2. Tell Him Bare Naked Truth About Yourself

Reveal the side of you that he has never seen before. We are not talking here of a scary one but a fun side or a quiet, elegant side that he is not aware of. If you have any hidden talent, showcase it. He will be intrigued and will want to know more and more about you and once you know a person inside out, you can never detach from that person emotionally.

3. Make Him Feel Comfortable

Whether its his past or his ambitions, make him feel comfortable enough to open up to you. Don’t judge him and try to make effective communication with him. Don’t poke him but let him open up to you at his own pace.

4. Accept Him For What He Is

He might be short tempered or might be forgetful, every one carries his own flaws and people who love him should be accepting his or her flaws as their own. There is chance of improvement for every fault. So if you find something off putting, try to make him know that during a constructive communication rather than just pointing it out bluntly.

5. Have A Fair Fight

Anger makes us spit out dirty words. Obviously, swearing should be avoided at all costs but hurtful words are much more destructive. Fight with him but not in an irreconcilable way. Know your limits that when you have to stop to leave the room to be together again. Keep a level head and avoid throwing any kind of insults. Show maturity.

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, you must be busy searching a perfect Valentine gift for boyfriend. Well this year, along with a present, gift him an emotional bond with you to lead a happy relationship.

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