Everything You Need to Know Regarding Your Sleep Position

The sleep position that we maintain in bed depends on our comfort level. In as much as relaxation is crucial, life stages keep on changing. For instance, age can change your body shape and alter your sleep position. Pregnancy makes ladies change their sleeping style while men sometimes change their positions due to occasional cold. Because of that, pregnant women should sleep on specially designed pregnancy pillowsWe should all aim at maintaining smart sleep positions that adjust with such life changes.

Wrong sleep positions can interfere with your relaxation. Sleep comes in two cycles namely the REM and non-REM. REM sleep is responsible for the retention of memories in the brain. It is the period when you are in a deep sleep causing your eyes to make some rapid movements. The lack of sufficient deep sleep can lead to body aches or headaches.

It is normal to assume that sleep positions are a matter of personal preference. Researches disagree with this notion by reporting that some sleep positions are more beneficial than others. Since each of them has merits and demerits, you should try to find the ideal one for you.

Proper sleep hygiene involves getting the most comfort out of the hours that you spend in bed.  You can boost the quality of your sleep by adapting the right sleep positions. Below is a list of different sleep positions and how they benefit us. Read on! 

Back sleeping

Experts reveal that this is a healthy sleep position that you should maintain. It can prevent your body from experiencing aches the following day. When you rest on your back, you give your spine the chance to relax in a natural position.  Your shoulders, arms, and legs can also relax well without the burden from your weight.

Though back sleeping has its merits, it can cause snoring. This is because the gravitational nature pulls the tongue to the back part of your throat making you produce loud noises in your sleep. If you already have sleep apnea, you should not rest on your back.

You should try to get another position that reduces your snoring. Get snoring aids such as mouthpieces or nasal strips to avoid agitating a partner. An ideal mattress from Avocado mattress can also help align your spinal cord. If you have a broken humerus, you should rest on your back and use some elevated pillows. 

Side sleeping

Statistics reveal that more than 60% of the American population consists of side sleepers. Most people love this position because it provides a chance to cuddle with a loved one or do some pillow talk. Left side sleeping is known to be better than right side sleeping. This is because of the arrangement of your body organs.

Sleeping on one side can boost the circulation of blood in your body and also help the digestion process. If you experience constant heartburn, you should try sleeping on your left side. The problem with this position is that you can wake up with a numb arm due to exerting a lot of pressure on your arm from your head.

The sleep position can also cause pain on your shoulder, neck or hip if you don't maintain proper alignment all through the night. It can also add strain on the pressure joints and cause wrinkles on the face. Doctors say that side sleeping can lead to saggy breasts in women due to forces of gravity. 

For you to prevent such problems, you must use a couple of high-quality pillows. Get a big pillow and place it between the legs to align the back with the neck. You should also aim at keeping the back straight. A good mattress can also support your body's curvature and the joints on your hips and shoulders. The position of your arm can also prevent you from pain on the shoulders. 

Fetal position

The position makes you curve your body when sleeping. Most people who use the fetal position do it to try and avoid the cold at night. Though it can be comfortable, it puts your lower back in an awkward angle. It can, therefore, cause pain and aches on different body parts in the morning. It can also add excess pressure to the abdomen.

Stomach sleeping

Only a few people are known to be stomach sleepers. It is not a healthy position because it can cause pain on your stomach. Stomach sleeping also causes stress on other parts of the body including the spine and neck.

Despite its demerits, it can minimize snoring and reduce sleep apnea. It also allows your shoulders to relax preventing them from pain. Feel free to hug one of your thick pillows to give your shoulders extra support.

Most people who like sleeping facing down love it due to the softness of their bedding. If you like this position, try to use a thin pillow or sleep with none. Start your morning with some stretches to prevent back pain. 

How can you transition to a healthier sleep position?

Getting used to a new position may not be easy, but it is possible. For you to make the transition smoothly, you should start by creating a good sleeping environment. Reduce the light in your bedroom and avoid using the computer some hours before sleeping.

Try sleeping on the adjacent side of the bed from the normal side you are used to. This reduces the likelihood of your body maintaining the old sleep position. Ensure that you use sleep accessories and good quality bedding to help you transition well to a new position.

Remember that you can change your sleeping habit if you remain consistent and patient. Spend fewer hours on an old position and more on the new, healthier one. Slowly, your body will adapt.

A survey reported that the sleep position that you maintain is somehow related to the content in your dreams. For instance, most stomach sleepers are believed to have intense dreams while people while back sleepers have problems remembering their dreams. The point is that your sleep position plays a significant role in the quality of your sleep. You should, therefore, make it worthwhile!

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