11.11 Crazy Shopping Day @ BUYMALL

11.11 SHOPPING ALERT! GOOD NEWS! 11.11 is around the corner! Those who know me well knows that I love to shop online especially taobao! Now let me give you a quick tip on how to Shop and Save! Here is the reasons we should use BUYMALL!

11.11 Crazy Shopping Day @ BUYMALL

Top 3 Reasons to Shop at BUYMALL

1. Buymall offers shipping as low as RM2.50/kg! 😱 Yes ‼ RM2.50/kg from China to Malaysia, can you believe it? 

2. If you are like me, ready to shop crazily on 11.11, use code [ SUNS11 ] and get RM11 off your first order! Join me and Buymall! would you?

Use Promo Code 

 [ SUNS11 ]  [ SUNS11 ]  [ SUNS11 ] 

get RM11 off your first order

3. Lazy to stay up late for the sale? Fred not! Leave it to Buymall and they will help you shop throughout the night on 11.11!

Log on now to Buymall to find out more: https://goo.gl/GS4nqA

Instagram: @buymall.official
Facebook: @buymall.com.my

11.11 Crazy Shopping Day @ BUYMALL

BuyMall 11.11 Crazy Shopping Day

1. Midnight Ordering 

Lazy to wake up during midnight for the sales? Fred not! Submit your orders to us before 11/11, and we will start ordering for you starting 00:00 midnight on 11.11! Sleep tight, and leave the ordering to OTTO! 

2. 10,000 vouchers up for grab 

We know you love vouchers! We will be giving out 10,000 vouchers from 1/11 to 11/11, stay tune to us and grab yours before it's gone! 

3. 1,000 FREE Buy-For-Me fee!

Who doesn't love FREE? We will handpick 1,000 orders ordered during the 11.11 festival and waive your Buy-For-Me fee! 

4. Spread the love, share the reward!
Festival is about spreading love and giving! Refer a friend to our family and get RM5 each! Spread your love!

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