5 Ways to Care for Leather Boots

Caring for your leather boots is definitely important. It’s an expensive pair that you can’t afford to get destroyed easily. Leather shoes are often regarded as easily cracked, but if you know the proper ways to take care of it, you will be able to avoid it and it will last longer with you. Taking care of your leather boots is not just about brushing it to get the dirt away. You will also need to make sure to polish it and condition it from time to time.

Understand the material of your boots 

Nowadays boots come in all different types of materials, even for leather there are different factors to consider. Cleaning sprays don't work for everything, in fact, they could just ruin your nice pair of suede boots! So make sure you know exactly what your shoes are made from before you start cleaning them, otherwise, it could be a costly mistake. A lot of companies tend to have dedicated cleaning guides, Blundstone has a pretty comprehensive one - or if you reach out to your boot retailer they'll usually be very knowledgeable on what products or methods to use for cleaning. 

If you are unsure how to do it, here are five ways to care for your leather boots.

1. Proper cleaning

Like any other shoes out there, leather boots can make or break your overall outfit. It is also the one item that you use all the time so you need to make sure that it is constantly cleaned. Make it a habit to properly make it rid of dirt, snow, grime, and even greasy substances. This way, it is free from any substances that can potentially harm it. You can use an old piece of cloth, a horsehair brush, or a slightly damp rag for cleaning your pair of leather boots.

2. Condition it

Most of the time, it is not actually the dirt that poses a big problem for your leather boots. Most of the time, it is a dry, unconditioned leather. There will be instances where your boots could get affected by moisture or water damage and then it dries out. When this happens, the leather will start to weaken and visible cracks will form. This is something that becomes very hard, and sometimes impossible to treat. That is why to prevent it from happening, keep your leather supple and resistant to water penetration. Do not deprive it with oil and moisture that it needs.

3. Polish it

Polishing leather boots is not really necessary but it could add an appeal especially that it looks smooth right after. Moreover, it adds elegance and beauty to your outfit especially if you are going to a formal event. A shinier and smoother boot are even more impressive to look at. You can use an old piece of cloth, an applicator brush, and a shoe cream polish it. Make sure that your polish cream matches perfectly with the color of your shoes.

4. Waterproof it

Generally speaking, leather boots are water-resistant shoes. You just have to find one that is of good quality. Read on reviews about leather boots at https://bestshoes.reviews/work-boots so you will find good quality boots. You just need to be consistent about conditioning your boots if ever they get wet so as to protect it.

5. Place it in a dry and clean area

Don’t just throw your leather boots once you get home. Make sure that it is placed in a suited area that is dry and clean. Put it in a dry and clean area especially if you are going to store it for some time. Do not allow any harmful elements to come near it.

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