5 Things You Should Know About Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is one of the greatest herbs on earth and is loaded with nutrients. It has the ability to boost testosterone level in males, lower ageing process, stimulate immune system, boost brain health, reduce inflammation and starve off some forms of cancer.

Pine Pollen
5 Things You Should Know About Pine Pollen

Blood or spit test can assist in knowing where your hormones stands. Lower testosterone hormone levels isn’t a sign or symptom unless you are tested. It’s also important to know where to buy pine pollen for the best quality. Here are some of the 5 things that you should know about pine pollen:

1. Ideal for Both Men and Women

Most people believe that pine pollen is an androgen associated with a stigma regarding productivity of males. Pine pollen mainly contains phenylalanine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that stimulates the amount of dopamine in the brain, including the L-dopa precursor.

The latter is mainly known for treating a woman’s inability to reach orgasm. This herb also contains arginine that functions to improve both men’s and women’s fertility. Arginine also increases the release of growth hormones.

2. Dense in Nutrients

Pine pollen is consumed in large quantities to derive the variety of minerals and vitamins it contains. Some of major nutrients it contains include: vitamin A, B1, B3, B-Carotene, B2, B6, vitamins E and D and folic acid. It has also got minerals in it such as phosphorus, zinc, sodium, manganese, magnesium, calcium, copper, selenium, iron and silicon.

Pine pollen is rich in all the eight essential amino acids and also contains more than twenty amino acids. This makes it completely a protein, meaning its rich in nutrients of all kinds.

The pollen makes the reproductive part of the herb’s reproductive cycle. Its fluids and pollens are what actually makes it nutrient-dense. This is what provides support to the life force they are creating.

3. It’s Hand-harvested

Pine pollen being hand-harvested and a vegan product, bees don’t have to be killed or harmed during their gathering. By just tapping a pine tree while it is pollinating, pine pollens will be able to fly freely into the air. The tapping shouldn’t be done next to people with allergic reactions.

4. Prolonged Consumption Reduces Allergens

Allergies are your body’s response mechanism to foreign bodies present in your immediate environment. When the foreign material is introduced into our body slowly and in small doses, your body will begin to familiarize itself with the invader therefore making it a friend.

5. Pine Pollen is an Effective Anti-Inflammatory

Pine pollens has got gibberellins that provides anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. Most people are affected by inflammation. Therefore, opting for pine pollen and including it in your diet can help you win.

Testosterone and estrogen are the most common deficient hormones on people’s bodies. This is especially due to estrogen mimickers that are in our environment which end up being absorbed into our bodies. Before purchasing any, make sure they’re less than a year old for freshness.

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