The #1 Furniture Removal Checklist

Sometimes, we have to agree that asking for help is inevitable. One of the most stressful moments that you require some assistance is when you are moving to a new house.

It can be strenuous, mind-boggling, and an energy-sucking experience if you do it alone. That is the reason you need furniture removal services such as If you hire the best, they will take you through a furniture removal checklist to ensure that you do not leave anything behind.

Additionally, the checklist ensures that you keep everything in order before the moving day comes. Here is a list of things to do when moving out of your home.

1. A month before the moving day

Come up with a suitable budget. Moving things can be quite expensive especially if you have a fully furnished house.

Look for the best movers. Inquire about their services and if you feel that they are right for your need, then hire them. Ask them to send their quotation and if you can interview several, the better because you have a variety to select.

Inform the proprietor that you are leaving. Do not forget to inform your neighbors as well. Visit to your new location, and check out some of the facilities around the area and familiarise yourself with the new environment. Other important things to do in this stage: alert various service providers for change of address. It will prevent them from billing the wrong person.

2. Days before the moving day

By now, you should have given all the information that the furniture removal company requires. Remind them that the day is nearing. If they want to do a quick check on your home, let them do so, to help them know what to bring.

To keep your renter from giving you additional invoices, do some renovation on broken window panes, sinks, or other broken furniture that you found there. Start emptying the fridge and remove any remaining medicine that you will not use again.

Create a checklist on the items that you want to move. Include light fixtures that you bought, curtains, sheers, cabinets; in short, all the things that you purchased. Before the last day, ask the company that is helping you move to bring in some of the packing materials that you require. 

3. Actual moving day

Finally, the day is here. Your furniture removal company will need the checklist that you created before. They should tick in everything that they pack. Let them use the packing material, which includes boxes and felt to wrap both fragile and non-fragile furniture.

They will also note some of the items that they need to disassemble.  Polythene bags are also perfect for inserting mattresses and other bedding. It ensures that they remain dry during the whole journey. Keep the screws at one point to avoid leaving any behind.

Professional removers will keep the fragile things together to avoid breaking. It also alerts the carrier on how to handle the package. An extra tip: mark them with a “fragile items” label (for instance) so that one can quickly identify them. To ensure that they leave nothing behind, they should walk into every room to see if they could find any remaining thing that belongs to you.

To sum up:

Keep all your documents in one area. Throw away worthless papers. If you have furniture that you are not using, donate them or have a yard sale before you leave the property. A yard sale may also provide some of the money you require to relocate.

Finally, leave the professionals to do the packing and unpacking for you.

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