7 Tips To Shoot Perfect Fashion iPhone Photos For Your Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, getting a beautiful shot for Instagram is a LOT of hard work.
To get those likes and follows, your pictures need to perfectly posed, well-lit, and with just the right filter. Whatever reason you are in the ‘gram for, here are some Instagram facts that you should know.

7 Tips To Shoot Perfect Fashion iPhone Photos For Your Instagram

If you’re on Team #DoinItForTheGram, follow these hot tips and tricks to launch you and your #OOTD into Instagram influencer royalty.

Tip #1: Use Bright, Contrasting Colors

Your followers are probably lazily scrolling through their feed right now. If you want to get their attention from the millions of other photos they look through every day, your snap really needs to stand out.

Visual harmony is the key, so pick a theme or color palette to guide you. Add in a bright accent color to catch the eye, and those double taps will soon be yours.

Tip #2: Get The Lighting Right

The right light can turn an okay photo into a stunningly crisp and professional one. The best light is always natural sunlight. Go outdoors or at least pose in front of a big window!

Here’s our #InstagramProTip: shoot during the golden hour, which is right after sunrise or right before sunset. Your photos will get a soft, warm glow that highlights your outfit...and your best features.

Tip #3: Play With Angles

What’s the difference between a fashion photo and a photo ID picture-taking? The angle, of course! A creative angle draws the eye and makes any photo infinitely more interesting to look at.

Positioning your camera at different angles will highlight different parts of your outfit (and your body). Want to get those model-esque long legs? Take the photo from a low angle to give you an automatic lift.

Tip #4: Come On, Vogue
Instagram fashion bloggers are the masters of looking cool, chic, and effortless, but posing is not as easy as they make it look! Experiment with different poses and movements to find the one that works best for you.

If you’re a little awkward in front of the camera, cheat it with a prop, accessory, or some furniture that you can play around with. You can also try taking “candid”-looking photos by moving around slightly instead of holding a stiff pose. Your photos will look more dynamic, exciting, and in the moment.

Tip #5: Stick To Simple Backdrops

If you’re trying to feature your gorgeous outfit, make sure that the background doesn’t draw attention away from it! Use backgrounds of a solid color or simple pattern. Just make sure your outfit matches, of course.

Tip #6: Take A Lot Of Photos. A LOT!

You’d be surprised how many photos Instagram influencers take to get that one perfect shot (hint: it’s DOZENS). Take your photos from different angles, using different poses, with different vibes. Experiment, have fun, and go crazy! The more you have to choose from, the more likely you’re going to get The One, aka the picture that’s Instagram-worthy.

Tip #7: Hire A Professional Photobooth

Ever notice how party photobooths make you look amazing? That’s because they use great lighting, a professional camera, and have tons of fun props that you can let loose with. A good Melbourne photobooth will give you tons of beautiful-looking fashion photos you and your Instagram followers will love.

Taking the perfect Instagram fashion photo isn’t easy, but it’s definitely not out of your reach! Just remember to practice your poses, take a lot of photos, and catch that flattering natural sunlight when you can.

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