Things To Do in Larnaca for Travelers

Larnaca is a city found on the southern coast of Cyprus. This small but amazing island offers perfect weather, beautiful beaches and a  welcoming population . It acts as a gateway to Cyprus, as it can easily be accessed through its commercial airport which is serviced by  many airlines, and is therefore well connected to the main European cities. Larnaca is a major tourist attraction because of  the wide range of activities and experiences  that are on  offer. 

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The following are some of the things you wouldn’t want to miss:

Experience Traditional Cuisine

Experience a wide range of delicacies from different restaurants in Larnaca. Their cuisine mostly specializes  in seafood. There are many restaurants to choose from, depending on their specialties and your preference. Luckily, the prices are suitable  for all kinds of budgets.

Sites and Landmarks

Despite being a small city, Larnaca is rich in historical sites like the Famagusta, popularly known as the ‘Ghost town’ which was once a glamorous resort, and Kykkos Monastery, where you can  see the breathtaking landscapes of  the Troodos Mountains. The Zenobia wreck found 1.5km off Larnaca coast is a delightful site for divers and happens to be in the top 10 most visited places in the world. 


If you love shopping, then Larnaca is the place for you . It boasts of a wide range of shopping centers that offer  plenty of choice for  tourists.  Items you can   buy range from handmade jewelry, pottery, clothes and accessories  to historical books, music records and other souvenirs.  Whether you are visiting shortly or planning to emigrate to Cyprus with One Visa experts, Larnaca is the best place to start your life (afresh).

Water Activities

One of the most exciting experiences you will have in Larnaca is sailing.  Unwind after a long day by taking  a boat ride at Larnaca Marina or hire  a private yacht for full-day sailing. For those passionate about fishing, Zygi harbor is the perfect place . In addition , the city has excellent beaches that are perfect for  water activities like scuba diving, surfing and sunbathing. Those who want to learn how to do these activities will  have even better experiences, as the locals are always willing to teach newbies.

Wine Tasting

While in Larnaca, one of the activities ideal for wine connoisseurs is tasting the local varieties . They have specific wine-tasting bars and cellars, in which both locals and tourists are welcome. It is best to book a wine-tasting tour so that the tour operator can take you to the best places  in Larnaca according to your taste preferences. You can easily do this online through your smartphone.

Larnaca is  heaven for any tourist. While on  a  wine-tasting expedition with friends, you will learn to appreciate travel and leisure. Prepare your trip well and have enough money to finance all the activities you intend to enjoy.

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