Can You Really See Diet Results in Just Three Weeks?

Going on a diet means expecting a lot of things. You’ll see yourself having moody days and selectively surrendering to cravings. You can have the results that can look so far in the distance. It’s too easy to give up. But then, what if you could find results in a shorter period of time?

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Can You Really See Diet Results in Just Three Weeks?

Everyone wishes they could just go hardcore for a quick montage straight out of the Rocky movies (though maybe with a soundtrack update and without turning into Stallone). Unfortunately, life moves a lot slower than movies. It can take a year or more to make the big changes. Starting to really see the difference in your body often takes three months or so. Or does it?

This Three-Week Diet Thing

A man named Brian Flatt came up with a diet that supposedly takes 21 days, also known as the three-week diet, to start making a solid change to your body shape. This diet is supposed to burn off 23 pounds of weight, which is equivalent to over 80,000 calories. That’s the same number of calories you burn when giving birth, to put things in perspective.

The diet and exercise routine is intended to burn off between 1 and 2 pounds of dead weight per day. Yes - every day. This is achievable, but it is by no means easy. Every pound of weight is 3,600 calories, so it is hardcore and very structured. There won’t be any “cheat days” in this course. The 3 week diet on Pink Heals is intended to change your life, which is a Rocky montage in and of itself.

Why So Quick?

In every part of life, there is a triangle: quick, cheap, good. In the real estate world, no one is ever able to achieve all three parts of this triangle at once. Even getting two of them can be challenging. In fitness, the triangle is sometimes achievable, but often, only 2/3 of it can be realistic. When you’re thinking of losing a lot of weight quickly, it can be tempting to wonder why a person would even want to do this.

The answer is pretty simple: This is a world of binge-watching series, apps that handle almost everything, and getting what you want almost before you even know you want it. It can be great to lose weight quickly. For the average woman, losing 23 pounds is tremendous. Even a bigger woman will notice a change with 23 pounds. That can be the morale boost you need to power the rest of the way to almost any goal.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, it works. Of course, you’ll have to follow some maintenance restrictions to keep your weight off. You can also do the diet several times to lose even more weight. It has been shown to work for many women. The results speak for themselves.

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