A Complete Guide on Buying an Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are not only expensive, but also difficult to maintain. While some of them can cost around $60, others can even have a price tag of around $150. However, there is no need to lament too long after purchasing the shaver because of the innovative features offered by it.

Most of these have been tested thoroughly and also come with a lucrative money back guarantee. This will allow you to try the shaver with no risk at all since you can return it to the manufacturer in case of any glitches whatsoever. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned a complete guide to purchasing an electric shaver.

Look for the following features while buying an electric shaver:

1. Foil

The foil electric shavers come with floating heads, which can glide over the facial contours easily. Some also include cutters which oscillate at the back of a perforated screen.

2. Rotary

The rotary shavers come with 3 to 4 floating heads which can glide over the facial contours along with cutters which spin at the back of a fine grid. These shavers do not emit much noise and are easier to clean as compared to the foil shavers out there.

3. Battery chargers

It might take somewhere between 1 to 12 hours to charge a battery and this will offer approximately 7 shaves for one charge. Some models will provide an innovative 5-minute emergency charge ideal for one shave.

4. Automated shutoff

It will be convenient if a battery charger shuts off automatically once the battery gets fully charged. Some shavers might require you to pull the plug once the shaver gets fully charged for the battery life can be shortened by overcharging.

5. Power cord

Some electric shaver models will allow you to shave by plugging in the power cord which is useful in case you forget to recharge the battery.

6. Low battery warning

A recharge light or a charge indicator on some particular models will warn you once a battery gets low.

7. Easy to clean

Most of the electric shavers include a compact cleaning brush. While it is possible to clean some models by rinsing, the others come with a self-cleaning system which can pump a sanitizing liquid via the cutters.

8. Dry and wet shaving

You will be allowed to shave in the shower while using some models.

9. Long-hair trimmer

Most of the electric shavers out there come with this innovative feature which helps to trim the sideburns and other long hair.

There are so many electric shavers out there that it is easy to get baffled while picking the appropriate one for you. However, you can go for the astounding BRAUN SERIES 55090CC which will provide you with a perfectly close shave with no irritation or rash whatsoever.

If you have any doubts regarding its efficiency, you can go online and look at the reviews from the previous customers, most of which will speak highly of the product. Take your own time and make adequate research before selecting the right product for your personal requirements.

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