What Should You Consider Before Buying Gold Jewellery?

You know India is widely regarded as the nation of festivals and people of this country never think twice before extravagantly spending during these festivals’ celebration time, particularly on gold jewellery. People don’t see gold only as a source of credit; It has a colossal emotional importance and value for them. In todays time, it has become almost a custom in India to buy gold in almost all festivals. 

Hence, to ensure that the auspiciousness of that gold remains intact, we have created a guide for the things one should consider before buying any type of gold jewellery:

1. The immaculacy of gold
The first thing to take into account while determining what type of gold jewellery to buy is the authenticity and purity of that gold used to materialize the piece of jewellery. 24 karats gold is the purest form of gold one can get their hands on. 

It means that all 24 out of total 24 parts are pure gold. But it is too delicate to be sculpted into a piece of jewellery. Hence, 22 karats gold is taken into account which consists of 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of any other kind of metal. Thus, it is highly important to check the gold’s purity before purchasing.

2. BIS authentication
The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been established by the Indian Government to ensure that the customers never get cheated upon when they are purchasing gold jewellery. BIS etches its hallmark on the gold jewellery as a testimony of its certification for the authenticity of gold. The BIS stamp includes their logo, number analogous to the purity, year of hallmarking, the jeweller’s identification stamp and logo of Hallmarking centre.

3. The fluctuating price of gold
One of the most important roles in executing buying decisions is of the pricing of gold. It is regulated at the gold exchange and is printed daily in newspapers. Hence, always look for different gold jewellery designs catalogue with price always before purchasing.

4. Making charges
The prices declared by the jeweller during the purchase may differ from the actual gold price on that particular day as they include their own making charges too. So, it’s always considered wise to check various gold ring design with price from different shops before making the actual purchase as making charges profoundly affect buying decisions. 

These usually vary from 8 to 10   of the total cost and can increase based upon the detail in craftsmanship and level of artistry done in the jewel. Nonetheless, the high price of any particular set piece indicates that the level of crafting done on the ornament is of world-class standards. So, eventually, it’s worth the money you expend for it.

5. Estimating buyback value
Festivals come all around the year and so does the excuse and occasion for purchasing gold. But there may come a time where your obligation to persevere the traditions outweighs your economical restraints. Hence, you may need to sell the jewellery in your possession or maybe just want to exchange it for the latest design. It is accordingly suggested that you analyze the buyback terms and conditions and assure how much the jeweller will reimburse when you come back in future to exchange or trade it.

It is crucial that you consider all these points enlisted above before your purchase as they will help and assist you in making the wise and needful decisions. Always ask for a proper bill to safeguard yourself from any discrepancies in the future.

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