A Guide To Better Sleep

Very few people get to sleep soundly at night. Only those that do everything perfectly right avoid drinking and go to bed early get to enjoy some of the pleasures of falling asleep. The others only fall into the category of 'night timers' who have to put up a fight to find a moment's worth of sleep. Outlined below are a few tips and a guide to a good night's sleep.

A Guide To Better Sleep

1. Do not charge your smartphone in the bedroom

Having too many electronics in the bedrooms, and especially tech toys can be distracting. Leaving these toys in the living/gaming room and dedicating the bedroom for bedroom matters should help you switch off and get a good night's sleep. You also shouldn’t try to charge your smartphone in the bedroom either. If you have to, put the phone in silent mode to avoid distracting you in your sleep.

2. Be cool

If your partner always has to sleep in an extra blanket regardless of the room temperature, you can adapt to this by lowering temperature in the room. This means she gets to enjoy the extra layer of warmth under the blanket. According to Gehrman (a sleep doctor), you can also invest in a dual-weight comforter, where she gets to sleep with the more massive side while you enjoy the lighter one. For the summer months, be sure to arm yourselves with cooling bedding like muslin bed sheets or muslin blankets for adults if you desire a cooler comfort that will help you sleep better in hotter temperatures. When it comes to being comfortable during the day, muslin dresses can be excellent too.

3. Invest in a good mattress

If your mattress isn’t comfortable enough, then make a point of investing in good quality and comfortable one. Your bed too needs to be stable and big enough to allow your partner to toss or move without disrupting you in your sleep. A pressure care mattress can help one enjoy restful sleep and provide other benefits, such as ensuring proper spinal alignment, as well as preventing snoring and disease-causing allergens.

Research shows that more than 47% of people are disrupted from their sleep due to their partner tossing around, snoring, turning, and insomnia. Investing in a good bed and mattress could, however, sort the problem. A good costco mattress can be a wise investment.

4. Sleep on your side

If your partner loves to cuddle, don’t lose the precious sleep you crave. Lie in the classic spooning position to give her what she desires/deserves. Sleeping on your side not only makes it easier to curdle but also boosts intimacy while lowering stress levels. This is according to Jodu Fidler a sleep expert and chiropractor in Minneapolis

5. Have an old-fashioned clock

Instead of having a digital display clock in the bedroom, invest in the old-fashioned wall clock.  Digital products glow at night, which can be distracting especially when trying to sleep. The other advantage of investing in a clock is the ticking sound it produces can be soothing too.  You could also invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock to help you sleep better at night, and wake up on time.


  1. I am one of the "most" people who don't sleep soundly at night. I would wake up twice or more at night. Sometimes I feel like I hardly sleep.

    Thanks for the tips. Good mattress is important, I agree.

    1. Hi Rose, yes it is and also keep all the gadgets away from the bedroom.


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