10 Excuses For Being Absent From Work

As an employee working in an industry or organization, you may need a day off now and then. When giving an excuse, always keep it brief and reasonable. Below are the best ten excuses that might work better.

10 Best Excuses For Being Absent From Work

1. A Bad Accident

Almost all workers who drive have at one time undergone their first car crash in their lives. If accident happened, explain to him about the injury of the person you hit and the necessity of taking him or her for treatment. With such an explanation, your boss will understand the importance of you dealing with the situation.

2. Sudden Death and Funeral in the family and you have to manage the cremation urns

3. Your Child’s Illness

4. Having Bad Cramps

Although embarrassing, just explain to your boss that you have serious cramps. Since monthly cycle for a female is a natural process, your boss will get to understand you.

5. Important Doctor’s Appointment

Some doctors who deal with rare medical cases are not always available. They can only be accessed after you book a prior appointment. Talk to your boss about the doctor’s appointment and the importance of not skipping it. Obviously, you will be granted permission for the sake of your health checkup. For more doctor’s appointment follow bestfakedoctorsnotes.net link.

6. Staying Home Cargo Delivery

Tell your boss that you have a cargo that is to be safely delivered under your watch. 

7. Visited Your Grandparents

Explain why it was necessary for you to pay them a visit and how you failed to get your return bus on time. 

8. Important Religious Event

Tell your boss about an occasional religious event you cannot afford to miss due to the responsibilities you have in that religion.

9. Allergic Reaction

Tell your boss that you ate something that caused severe allergy to your body and you have gone for an injection. 

10. Going To Court As a Witness

Attending court proceedings as a witness is another good excuse. Explain to your boss about your friend’s case in court and why your testimonies are necessary during the hearing. 

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