14 Tips To Fight Off Aging Skin & Stay Healthy

The Fountain of Youth may be a fabled story, but there is truth to how the right dietary habits work as anti-aging solutions. Your entire body benefits from taking in the right vitamins and nutrients, and that includes your skin. Cell replication is important, and so is energy and other benefits that come from the right nutrients. A diet full of processed foods and a life full of stressful activity, however, is going to speed up the aging process. Steer clear of harmful substances, and be sure that you get plenty of rest. Consistent exercise is also important in terms of maintaining a healthy body.

14 Tips To Fight Off Aging Skin & Stay Healthy

Water & Hydration

Dehydration to the smallest degree is going to have a negative impact on your body. Your skin is going to suffer, and think about the compounded results of not drinking enough water daily.

Foods That Contain Healthy Antioxidants

Fight off not only aging but disease and symptoms of inflammation by eating foods that contain healthy antioxidants. Did you know that symptoms of inflammation have everything to do with the formation of wrinkles? What are some of the best foods that are high in healthy antioxidants? Blueberries, spinach, nuts and dark chocolate are four great picks.

Put Some Color On Your Plate

If your plate of food doesn't look so colorful, chances are you aren't eating enough fruits and vegetables. You need these foods to fight off free radicals that are going to damage your skin cells. Always look to eat different types of colorful fruits and vegetables with each daily meal.

Go Organic

Toxins from processed foods can be harmful. To limit the consumption of harmful toxins, eat as much whole, organic foods as you can.

Enjoy The Sun In Moderation

A beautiful sunny day is a sight to behold, but the sun's rays can be damaging to your skin. You want to get your vitamin D, but you don't want to fry. And when you are out in the sun, be sure to use proper sunscreen and wear sunglasses as well.

Natural Products For Healthy Skin

Leave off the unnatural skin car products that are made with chemicals that can be harmful. Always research ingredients, and it is best if you stick with healthy, natural skincare products.

Toxin-Free Cleaning Solutions

Do not use cleaning solutions that contain harmful chemicals either. You don't want your skin absorbing those chemicals.

Plants Are Good To Have

You might be concerned more with outdoor pollution, but indoor pollution can be even worse. Filter that air by keeping some nice plants inside your home.

Vitamin C Is A Must

Vitamin C is going to help your skin fight off the wrinkles. There is research that shows that the body is able to increase collagen production significantly when the skin comes into contact with the all-important vitamin C.

Leave Off The Sugar

Sugar works against the elasticity of your skin and collagen production. That being said, it also facilitates wrinkles.

Healthy Fats Are Important

Do you know what foods contain healthy fats? These types of foods are so important to your diet and your skin. The avocado is said to be perhaps the best source of healthy fat. Fish is good for you, too, and olive oil is another great choice. Eat those healthy fats.

Dark Eyes

We can have dark skin around our eyes for all sorts of reasons and it can make many of us self conscious. These tips from Dore Aesthetics can help overcome the problems.

Body Cleansing

Toxins are going to age your body. That means you need to work on detoxifying solutions. A juice cleanse is an option. You can also do simple things like squeezing lemon juice into your water. Remember how much water you are going to be drinking to fend off dehydration.

Activities That Provide Stress Relief

Stress affects the skin in negative ways. Prayer and meditation, yoga and talking with family and friends are some choices for activities to relieve stress.

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