8 Tips On How To Care For Your Hair

The tips outlined below apply for those with either long or short hair.  You can also follow these tips if you have been yearning/struggling to grow long hair. Hair extensions can also help you have the long, thick hair in just a matter of minutes. You can use hair extensions as you wait for your hair to grow out naturally.

8 Tips On How To Care For Your Hair

1. Have or use the right hair brush

Always use the correct hair brush to minimize breakage. For those with long hair, a wet or boar bristle brush is recommended.  Investing in a natural fiber brush means your hair won't get caught by knots, thus the reduced risk of friction and breakage. Natural fiber brush doesn’t allow pulling of hair strands but leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky. The soft bristles also bend around tangles easily putting less stress on hair follicles, thus longer hair.

For the best results, start brushing the ends of the hair first, then work your way up gradually to untangle tangled hair stands. This also ensures you don’t put too much pressure on the hair roots which reduces the risk of breakage.  Only use a wide-tooth comb to comb wet hair. Never use a hairbrush on wet or damp hair as this only causes stress to individual strands by stretching them out.

2. Deep hydrate your hair twice weekly

Your hair needs to be adequately hydrated at least twice every week to cater for any lost moisture. This is particularly important if you use heat treatment on your hair. Coconut honey musk is one of the best home remedies for replenishing moisture in the hair.

Oils rich in vitamin E can also help you achieve similar results. Avocado, olive, jojoba, almond, and coconut oil are potent sources of vitamin E and also contain rich moisturizing properties. For optimal results, warm the oil gently on a pan, then apply it to your hair. Wrap the hair in a warm towel for about 45 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. The heated oil penetrates deep into hair follicles and the scalp much faster boosting its moisture and stimulating increased growth.

3. Use heat protectant oils

Heat protectant oils form a protective barrier around individual hair shafts thus preventing damage to the same and will be recommended by most hair salons. These oils also help maintain your styling and ensuring your hair is frizz free.  The best heat protectant oils for your hair should be natural. There's a wide selection and variety of such oils for you to choose from. You only need to identify the most effective one for your hair type.

4. Use scrunchy hair bands

Don’t use hair bands that cause too much strain on the hair roots. Instead, invest in plastic coil type or scrunchy hair bands. These bands only help keep your hair in place without putting unnecessary stress on the same. Watch a couple of Madonna music videos to see what scrunchy headbands look like.

5. Use a smooth fabric or an old t-shirt to dry your hair

Although many people prefer using a brushed cotton towel to dry up wet hair before heat styling, it would be better if you used an old t-shirt or a smooth fabric. Using a cotton towel only causes hair shafts to fray up when they dry, forcing you to restyle. 

Nevertheless, using a soft, smooth material however just absorbs the excess water thus reducing the risk of frizzling or damage to the hair. Although this trick may seem too simplistic, you will be amazed how well it works and especially for those with curly hair.

6. Blow-dry your hair low-heat with the nozzle pointed down

The worst mistake you can do is blow dry your hair in excess heat. Setting the blow-drier too high only robs individual hair strands the moisture they need to remain healthy and lustrous. Excessive blow-drying also causes your hair to form locks and even frizzle out. To be on the safe side, apply heat protectant oils before blow-drying, set the blow-dryer on low heat, and then ensure the nozzle is always pointed down.

Ideally, keep the hairdryer nozzle at least two inches from the hair, and use front-to-back strokes. As mentioned earlier, the nozzle should always be pointed down for optimal results. Avoid drying your hair from the side as this will only push individual strands all over your heat, and even increase the risk of frizzling.

7. Don't over-wash your hair

Shampooing your hair daily strips it of the much needed natural oils designed to protect and condition it. The same applies when you wash your hair with hot water all the time. The human body secretes natural oils meant to keep your hair healthy and soft naturally.  

Only wash your hair three times per week to help preserve these oils. You may also need to invest in the best natural dry shampoo to help protect the hair as well. Choosing shampooing products made from natural or organic compounds is preferably much better than chemical shampoo.

8. Follow the right washing technique

The first step to healthy, shiny, and beautiful hair starts with how well you wash it. Following the correct procedure when washing your hair should help keep your hair healthy and long for longer. For starters, avoid using your nails to shampoo the scalp or get shampoo into the strands. Use your fingertips instead to help the shampoo penetrate deep into the scalp. 

Experts recommend working the scalp for about two minutes or so before moving to other parts of the head. This is because most of the oil buildup and dirt accumulate here. You also need to massage the entire head properly to encourage increased blood flow and circulation in hair follicles. Use the right conditioner to help restore hair moisture after rinsing the shampoo off.

Experts advise against using extremely hot water to rinse the shampoo off. This only leaves the hairs and scalp drier than you found it. To avoid this, use lukewarm water to rinse the shampoo off. Cold water also helps de-tangle individual hair strands thus reduced risk of breakage. As mentioned earlier, do not use the fluffy towel to dry the hair. Look for an old t-shirt or a smooth fabric to get rid of the excess hair. This should help preserve your styling and even make it easier for restyling.

Following the tips and ideas outlined above should you have the long and stylish hair you have always yearned for. It is also by taking proper care of your hair and scalp that you can avoid extreme cases such as split hair ends and hair loss.

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