Skin Care Tips Every Woman Should Know

The life of a woman comes with its responsibilities one of which is taking care of your skin; there are many ways you can keep your skin healthy and looking flawless. A Healthy regime and good skin care will help avert different skin troubles and slow down the aging process.

Skin Care Tips Every Woman Should Know 

Skin care is not about looking good and having a spotless skin only, it is also about staying healthy. Every woman knows these skin care tips.

Skin care tips for women

• Stay hydrated

Your body’s make up is 60% water and your skin happens to be the largest organ, it is simply rational that you drink lots of water to stay hydrated. A good habit of drinking about eight glasses of water a day is good for your skin.

 Do not sleep with your makeup on

Going to bed with your makeup on is really not a good habit, ladies if there is anything you take from this blog it should be this. It is during sleep your skin repairs itself, leaving your makeup on would block the pores on your skin and not allow it breathe.

• Avoid smoking
People who smoke appear older than they are, Smoking leads to wrinkles, and it weakens your skin by reducing its elasticity.

• Exfoliate your skin regularly

We shed millions of skin cells each day, allowing them to stay makes the skin look dull, blocking your skin pores and let’s oil settles below them. Removing dead skin cells quickens regrowth of these cells.

• Shield yourself from rays of the sun 

A very major way to care for your skin is by shielding it from direct contact with the sun’s rays. There are lots of risks attached to sun exposure like wrinkles, age spots; it also heightens the risk of skin cancer. 

How do you shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun?

1. Mask your skin in sun protective clothes.
2. Use a hat to protect your face, head, ears, and neck.
3. Sunglasses come in handy here.
4. Applying a sunscreen is good for your skin.

• Get lots of sleep

It is during sleep the skin repairs and heals itself, getting about eight hours of sleep every night is good for your skin.

• Eat healthy food

The relationship between your diet and the health of your skin is very synonymous; a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates is not good. A diet full of vitamin C and little amount of refined sugar, carbohydrates and unwholesome fats leads to your skin looking younger. It is important you keep up a healthy body weight, constant weight gain or loss is not good for your skin. The constant contracting and expanding causes it to lose elasticity.

 Avoid stroking your face with your fingers 

Constant stroking of your face can spread bacteria and lead to breakouts, it could also cause scarring. 

• Pamper your skin

Cleansing your skin every day can take a toll on your skin. Pamper your skin by doing the following:

1. Reduce the time spent in the shower, long showers deplete oils from your skin and use warm instead of hot water.

2. Use mild soaps and do not scrub your skin or wash repeatedly.

3. Whenever your skin is dry, use the best moisturizer with collagen that suits your skin type.

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