5 Tips To Cope with The Hot Weather & Get Ready for Summer Getaway!

Hello Holiday! Where is your next travel destination? Wherever is it don’t forget to pack UV shields in your luggage. Get your UV shields ready before you step out and expose yourself to the sun and scorching heat. Here are the 5 Tips To Cope with The Hot Weather and of course how to get ready for your next Summer Getaway.

5 Tips To Cope with The Hot Weather & Get Ready for Summer Getaway!

As you know the temperature during this time of the year is rising high, we perspire more, the heat starts to affect our mood and our skin feels burnt when we are outdoors. I am in the midst of planning my short getaway, where should I go? Well, I think I better start checking the hotels options and sort out my flight booking first, then only decide on the activities.

Looking at my calendar I can only have weekend getaway and hmm… I wish to go somewhere near, fun and at the same time meet my friends but not in Malaysia. In this case, Singapore will be the choice for this trip because I can catch up with some of my friend there also. Few weeks ago I was on Sentosa Island for a work trip. Well I kind of like the place and the theme park but too bad that time I don’t have the time to explore much.

So I plan to bring my family there for a weekend getaway. You know planning family trip is kind of tedious because everyone got their own plans and preferences. Instead of driving down, we plan to go by flight to avoid the traffic congestion at the border. So I am going to book our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and hope to get a great deal.

Basically I have decide on where to go and what to do there, now let’s go back to my UV shield. What are UV shields? Among some of the common UV shields would include an umbrella, a broad rim hat, ultra-thin jacket with UV protection, UV sleeves, sunglasses, sunblock, and whitening skincare which is ideal for summer and a hot climate such as ours to ensure that skin remains bright and flawless!

Here are the 5 tips to help you cope with the hot weather 
that we are experiencing now:

Drink Cooling Floral Teas to Combat the Heat

1. Drink Cooling Floral Teas to Combat the Heat

Cooling teas are known to combat the summer heat. Most cooling tea infusions are made from dried flowers and leaves such as Chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, lotus leaves and mulberry leaves. Preparation for these cooling teas are easy and can be done at home. To sweeten your tea, just add honey or rock sugar.

2. Stay Indoors Especially from 1pm to 4pm and Surround Yourself with Flowers

It is best to stay indoors especially when the sun is strong around 12noon to 2pm as you can to protect yourself from the scorching hot sun. Surround yourself with flowers as flowers are known as a source of happiness and the floral scents lifts the spirit and relaxes you. 

Magnolia for example is known to have therapeutic properties and very commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat stress. It is perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere at home. But if you have to spend time outdoors then ensure to pack the necessary UV shields with you and also a bottle of mist to hydrate your skin.

Infuse your Food with Edible Flowers

3. Infuse your Food with Edible Flowers

The hot weather can take a toll on you with heavy perspiration and the heat certainly does not leave you in a good mood. Edible flowers are therapeutic as they contain nutrients and benefits the body. Rose for example is a popular edible flower. The petals contain about 95 percent water and they also contain vitamin C. 

Cooking with rose petals also makes you feel good. Bright coloured edible flowers are a good source of antioxidants and they also contain other vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body. Therefore, including edible flowers in your food intake during this hot season is ideal as it helps to replenish lost nutrients and minerals.

Mamonde Everyday Sun Cream

4. Shield your Skin with Calendula

The hot weather requires you to shield your skin from UVA and UVB. Use not just any ordinary sunblock but one that has restorative properties. A sunblock that contains Calendula plant extracts offer additional benefits to the skin apart from protecting it from UV. 

Calendula promotes fast healing from burns and inflammation; and it also has restorative properties that infuse the skin with a youthful glow. If you are outdoors, it is recommended that you reapply the sunscreen every two hours especially when the sun is hottest between 1pm to 4pm.

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5. Apply Whitening Care for A Flawless Radiant Skin

The whitening line is especially popular during summer to maintain bright flawless skin despite the effects of the heat and UV. Mamonde’s Pure White – whitening range combines whitening and anti-aging care to dispel effects caused by the sun. It is formulated using only the buds of the white Magnolia flowers before blooming, which contain the highest content of the active ingredients to aid in removing signs of old age, blemishes and yellow skin tone in exchange for a brighter and fairer complexion. 

Mamonde Pure White Ultra Active Line includes the Pure White Ultra Active Skin Softener, Pure White Ultra Active Emulsion, Pure White Ultra Active Essence, and Pure White Ultra Active Cream.

So here is my 5 tips how you can cope with the hot weather and get ready for your summer getaway. Have a great day ahead yo!


  1. I love those floral teas! So refreshing and feels great to your body right! And these are such a great tips, thanks for sharing 😁

  2. nice tips as nowdays its really hot.. love to try drink cooling flower teas..bestway for outer protection we need to apply suncream.

  3. Thanks for the great sharing! Especially in our hot and humid weather, really need to protect our skin. I am planning to go beach side with family. Will bring along Mamonde Everyday Sun Cream. Thank you!

  4. True weather these days so hot
    Need to apply sunblock and drink a lot of water.better not stay too long under the sun

  5. Happy dpt holidaykan?tapi body kena jaga jgk dari panas matahari...oklah guna that produk

  6. Wow i need those mamonde product..as someone is 30's i need anti aging skincare and yes i want to be fair..my kids keep on making joke of my dark skin..haish

  7. I love your first way for the heat hehehe soaking in the river or the waterfall because the cooler is cooling. Nice nostrils are good tips for hot weather and useful products also for women ...

  8. i love this brand...especially the face powder...it blends well

  9. Great tips babe.. definitely I wanna try the tips at home... I wanna be beautiful s well.. hehe

  10. Truly agree with sun protector during hot day. Water is very important too.

  11. Hmm sekarang ni memang panas especially tengahari. Memang panas berdenting. Keluar tanpa sebarang protection bahaya jugak. Bagusla mamonde ni dah ada untuk uv shield. Bolehlah cuba nanti

  12. Good tips and nice sharing. Sekafang ni cuaca panas memang agak high juga. Totally agreed bila nak keluar rumah atau nak pergi vacation kena ada sunblock to protect our skin from burnt.

  13. Hari tu jumpa doktor estetik. Katanya tak kira keluar tak keluar rumah sunblock kena pakai 4 jam sekali..tambah bila lagi berusia, kolagen kurang.. memang kena jaga kesihatan dalaman untuk kecantikan luaran..hehe


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