Tips & Advice For The Perfect Shoe Fit

Shoes are among the items we can't do without. Shoes that fit give you the freedom to do everything you want while keeping your feet healthy. We all know we can't have a good time when our feet hurt. Take good care of your feet by wearing shoes that fit well.

We are happy to share with you these 10 tips to help you pick the right shoes for your feet. The tips have been generously offered to us by the Pedorthic Footcare Association.

1. Shoe sizes may vary across various styles and brands of shoes. One manufacturer's 8M might fit just like the size 8N from another manufacturer. Don't choose your shoes by the size marked on them - always try a size range, and see which pair fits the best.

2. Measure both your feet every time you want to buy new shoes. Your feet may change in size and shape over the years, so you'll need to adjust your purchases accordingly. Moreover, one foot is usually a bit longer and/or wider than the other. For best results, fit your largest foot first.

Bonus tip: Purchase your shoes from stores that offer feet measurements, and wear the right type of socks when you try them.

3. Pick shoes that match the shape of your foot. This is the first step to the perfect shoe fit according to Orthotic Shop.

4. When searching for shoes, don't limit yourself to one single style. Always try various types and shapes of shoes. Eliminate all those that are either too tight or too loose, as well as those that appear to irritate your feet. Always remember that a shoe that feels slightly uncomfortable in the shop will surely hurt your feet in real life.

5. The width of the shoes should be equal to the width of your feet. In addition, shoes have to be a bit longer than your feet, in order to accommodate the natural elongation of the feet at the impact with the ground.

Bonus tip: Allow about 3/8" to 1/2" at the end of the shoe, to accommodate your longest toe.

6. Check that the widest part of your foot (also known as the ball) fits comfortably inside the shoe. This will allow you to have a better wearing experience, as the shoes will bend exactly where your feet flex.

7. Heels should feet at ease in the shoes. Don't get shoes that are too small, only to prevent heel slippage. If your heels sleep, you should try another style of shoe or ask your shoe fitter to adjust them for you.

8. Beware of orthotics and inserts, as they affect the way a shoe fits. If you must wear inserts or orthotics, you should choose a larger shoe, in order to enjoy a perfect fit. If you buy shoes that fit your bare feet, you're going to have problems by the time you'll try to wear them with inserts.

9. Pick the right shoes for the intended activity and time of performing this activity. The size of your feet varies throughout the day and with various factors such as exercise, temperature, bodyweight variations, and body position. When shopping for shoes, keep in mind that feet are usually larger after performing an activity, and proceed accordingly.

10. Walk for a while in the new shoes before buying them. A walk around the store should be enough to figure out whether the shoes will be comfortable or not.

Choose your shoes wisely, and you're going to look great and have a great time in everything you do.

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