The Best Alternative Hen Do Activities You Must Try

If you are one of those who want a different Hen Do then this article is the one that you need to read! Traditional hen activities are something that everyone tries, however trying out some alternative activities are equally fun as they provide a different perspective to your Hen Do, without compromising on the quality of entertainment you receive. Keep on reading for some of the most exquisite, unique and innovative alternatives for your hen do activities!!

Escape to Countryside
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Zen Party - This is the healthy alternative to your wild and vicious hen party! This zen party comprises of some mind soothing and relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga and reiki. The session is then followed by a master class held by a chef who is also a renowned nutritionist. A chat with such a professional can be really helpful.

The Best Alternative Hen Do Activities You Must Try
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Escape to Countryside - While all the people head to the mid of the city for the best pubs and clubs, you can actually head out from the city to the countryside for the perfect escapade with with your fellow hens. Attain Peace of Mind by looking at the pristine greenery and relax a bit more as you explore locations all over The UK.

The Best Alternative Hen Do Activities You Must Try
  Escape to Countryside                                      [ photo: ] 
Bake-Off Bash - Just like the show The Great British bake off, this activity involves you to divide your hens into teams of 2-3 and giving everyone the same ingredients. The task here is to cook or bake a dessert within the stipulated time. The most deliciously tasting dessert will win! This challenge will not only enhance your baking skills but will also help you find out who is the worst cook amongst you.  

Comedy Club - Now this is something that not a lot of hen parties or stag parties go for! The comedy club allows you a chance to escape your worries and have the heartiest time with your friends. Book yourself some seats for the best performances and receive hours of complete entertainment. The best part here is that you don't have to worry about anything else apart from laughing like a maniac in front of everyone.

Glamping - This activity is taking up pace as it is replacing the normal camping activity which is a part of many hen do lists. However this activity does not involve any sort of Man Vs. Wild type of instances. Glamping is done amidst nature, however all your basic luxuries that you require are with you at all times!! So just head out, set up camp and do not worry about anything else.

Horse Riding Club - Well not a lot of brides get to say that they were doing a horse race while on their hen do, and if you wanna be one of those then this activity is certainly for you!! You will get a chance for a gentle exercise along with some cool breeze and scenic beauty to soak in.

Ghost Tours - One of the very rare but the very thrilling activities is actually going for a tour at a haunted place with a history of ghost sightings. You can head out to a really haunted place with a group of paranormal experts who will escort you. Hush!! Where was that sound from?

So, if you wish to be doing something apart from the herd then these activities are a good choice to go for.

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