Celebrate Your Big Day With An Indian Theme: Choose Designer Wedding Saree

Whether you're having a church, garden, civil, beach or a traditional Indian wedding, one of the greatest choices that you have to make as a bride is selecting what you are going to wear for your big day. For women who are getting wedded in church, they can take their pick from a big selection of white, fluffy, edgy or designer wedding dresses. Based on your body shape and the concept of your wedding, there should be a wedding dress that's perfect for you.

Celebrate Your Big Day With An Indian Theme: Choose Designer Wedding Saree

Beautiful Colors in Wedding Sarees

What about for wedding brides who are planning a traditional Indian wedding? As compared to church weddings, traditional Indian party sarees are grander, more colourful and luxurious. In addition to the main wedding party, there are fun pre-wedding traditions, post-wedding reception and activities which are organised.

Now, the traditional clothing used by Indian wedding brides is the saree or sari. The wedding clothing is actually a long strip of unstitched fabric varying from four to nine metres in length. Aside from India, other countries where wedding brides wear sarees include Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Depending on the personality of the bride, there are different styles and colours of wedding sarees that they can wear.

Why go for a saree?

There are so many reasons why a bride will select Indian sarees over the traditional wedding dresses. This is apart from the distinctiveness they offer. First of all, sarees allow for use of a variety of jewellery. It does not matter whether you are a fan of jewellery or not, a saree will always have space for it. The collar is extensive enough to give space for plenty of jewellery.

Secondly, sarees never dissatisfy when it comes to complexity. It is really hard to explain this clothing completely. It is very simple yet extremely innovative. The blouse usually comes with plenty of embroidering. Generally, the whole cloth is heavily stitched and this will only serve to emphasize the jewellery you are dressed in.

Contrary to how it may look, the sarees are really easy to use. You simply cover it up beautifully and then fasten it into the waistband using hooks. Designer sarees come in so many colours and this will be highlighted by the colour styles you go for your wedding. These clothing come in all types of colours from red and black saree and brownish to yellow-coloured and green.

The saree plays a very important role in traditional Indian weddings. Select one based on your personality and design preferences while treating some traditional observance into it at the same time. Every bride should look her best on her wedding, and select traditional sarees will achieve exactly that.

The ancient land of India presenting the impact of sarees throughout gives a unique meaning to beauty and style with wedding sarees. The beauty and charm of the Indian bride just get to a different level of class and style when she is draped in the best hues and shades among the sarees for a wedding. Indian fashion has accomplished a new level of skills with the various kinds of works done by pellets, embroidering and stones on wedding sarees.


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