How to Interview Like a Pro

It is a crowded job market out there and every company is looking for that ideal candidate and they have a good few options to choose from. How do you get yourself to the top of that list? How to answer managerial questions or leadership questions? Here are some tips about how to interview like a pro.

If you really want to blow them away, you need to start before you even get into the interview room. It’s time for some self-reflection. Start off with the following questions.

What is Your Life’s Mission?

You need to know this so that you can answer the question that might interest the company a lot more – how working for the company is going to make it possible for you to achieve your life’s mission.

What is Most Important to You In Life?

This will help you answer another question that might interest the company – how you plan to honor this thing through the work that you do.

Why do You Want This Job?

Is it your dream job, or could it help you get closer to your dream job? Or is it just a paycheck? Do you believe in what the company is trying to do?

Now that you have your introspection done, it is time to get your research done.

Find Out About the Company

Savvy candidates do some research into the company ahead of time. They know the mission of the company, what values it represents and they find out if their own values are a fit. This makes it a lot easier to find examples in your own life that would make you a good fit for the company.

Think of Yourself as Part of a Tribe

That means that we all work to the good of all of us. Everyone has something to contribute, and everyone is happy to contribute. Everyone's contribution is important. 
Think About When You Have Had Some Bad Days

You walk into an interview, and they are bound to ask you how you cope with stress or something like what your weak points are. You could lie and pretend that there are no weak points but, let's be honest here; you are not going to be believed.

If, however, you demonstrate that you know what your weak points are and how to overcome them, you come across as honest and competent.

You Are Ready for the Interview

You should have an idea what the corporate culture is. Emulate the language that your interviewer is using with you so that they feel more like you are like them. Mirror their body movements, tone of voice, etc. for the same reason.

Dressed for Success

Find out what the dress code for the company is and dress accordingly. Keep accessories to the minimum but do always wear a nice watch – it shows that you value time.

Building Rapport

Before the meeting, draw up a mind-map of how you will benefit the company and the particular challenges they face. Come up with a six-month plan that you believe would assist them with an issue that they face.

This is more valuable to your interview than all the great references or even certifications because it shows that you are interested. It shows that you have put in the effort.

During the interview itself, answer questions as honestly as possible. If you don’t understand a question, ask for it to be rephrased.

Follow-up after the interview with a thank you note to help you stand out even more. After that, if it still doesn’t work out for you, at least you have a set of skills to try on the next interviewer.

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