Bali Travel Insurance, Is It Necessary?

Bali has become one of the most favored destinations for couples who’d like to spend their honeymoon in an exotic paradise. But this little island can offer so much more to tourists. In fact, in Indonesia, it is the principal destination for travelers. Bali is a little island with a population of a bit more than three and a half million. A very well prepared island escape for tourists, with great infrastructures such as the Denpasar airport, from which we can find cheap flights to other islands like Java, Flores, or Sulawesi. So, are you thinking about a trip to Bali

Bali Travel Insurance, Is It Necessary?

Would you like some advice? Well, the first thing to do is get in touch with the embassy to find out the requirements that are needed for a visa. 

Then, as is the case in many religious countries, we have to consider a few things: the way we’re dressed when we visit the temples (as clothing must be conservative to not offend the locals), the rule against touching a child’s head, the use our left hand for giving or receiving something, and the tradition of kissing when meeting someone.

If we don’t want to suffer from health issues when visiting Bali, we have to be informed about the necessary vaccines for travelling there, and once there, always avoid drinking water from the sink. Other kinds of problems that we may have when visiting Bali are those related to tourist theft. To be protected from all these, the most convenient thing to do is hire travel insurance for Bali.

It is recommended to voyage with travel insurance for any trip, no matter your country of destination. But in the case of Bali, we recommend it even more highly, because there are many risks from which you’d like to be protected from. There are certain areas in Bali in which there are hazards that you should know of: food intoxication, snake bites, or diseases like hepatitis, dengue, yellow fever, and diphtheria. 

It is because of these risks that you need to consider hiring a good travel insurance for your trip to Bali, in order to cover any incident which may occur, be it medical or related to transportation, or accommodation. It’s always better to be proactive!

Here are some of the situations that you may encounter in Bali where you may encounter issues:

 Heavy rains during the monsoon.
 Food intoxication.
●Diseases: hepatitis A and B, typhus, Japanese encephalitis, dengue, yellow fever typhoid fever, flu, influenza, tetanus, diphtheria, and rabies.
 Snake and mosquito bites.
 Traffic accidents.

Another thing that you should look at when finding travel insurance for Bali is if you’re covered in the event of volcanic eruption. These unforeseen natural disasters are pretty common in Bali, and can directly affect your holidays. A good travel insurance for Bali should cover you for cancellation, travel disruptions, additional accommodation expenses and lost deposits caused by this event. 

Also, check if you’re covered in the event of your flight being cancelled because of volcanic ash. It is an important security concern for airlines, and flights are cancelled pretty often for this reason.

So, now that you are aware of the different risks that are involved when travelling to Bali, what should you do next? Find a travel insurance! You can check out travel insurances that are specifically for Bali such as this one. Don’t forget to check if it covers the particular situations that may affect your trip to Bali, such as volcanic eruptions and presence of volcanic ashes.

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