Wooden Sunglasses Styles and Trends

Wooden eyewear has now become a trend in the fashion industry. It seems to have made a way into almost everybody’s heart with the variety of colors and designs that the glasses come with. All the glasses have their own unique features. It is rare for you get a pair that looks alike. Every wooden board has its feature and quality that is intrinsic. The boards have different textures of their own. Let’s learn more about these wooden glasses here and find out why they have turned on the heat in the trendy world.

The frames of these glasses are mostly made from bamboo, a wood that is common. Bamboo can be harvested easily. The frames can also be made from ebony, walnut and rosewood. The woods have to be cut using strong saws such as DEWALT DWS780 12 Inch Double Bevel Miter Saw.

There are different choices to choose from depending on the color and style you want.
What are the Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses?

● The sunglasses made of wooden frames bring out a classy way of protecting your eyes from the bright lights and sun rays.

●When you wear the wooden glasses, it is proof that you are committed to the preservation of the environment. The woods such as bamboo, from which the frames are made from, are materials that can be sustained. These materials are lightweight and need lesser resources to grow compared to the synthetic materials such as plastic.

● After your wooden glasses are done with their usefulness, the frames such as those of bamboo can be composted in a manner that is eco-friendly to add nourishment to the soil.

●The frames are light in weight. This makes them durable. They are resistant to bending or any other stresses of the modern life.

 The lenses can be the same as any other lenses. However, there are lenses that are polarized. These lenses get rid of the glare that the sun makes a reflection on, on surfaces such as water or glasses. There are also other lenses that provide UVA/UVB protection. 

 Wooden sunglasses are easy to find and cost-friendly. You can find them in any shops and even online at affordable prices.

How Do You Take Care Of Them?

● Apply oil or wax just to add some luster and shine to the frames which should be cut properly by quality saws. You can get more information about good quality saws from Festool Kapex 120 Saw Reviews.

● You can use a clean piece of cloth to clean the sunglasses gently or any microfiber material. In case there are any other instructions from the manufacturer, follow them.

  Though, the frame sunglasses are reliable and long lasting, it is good to always keep them in a protective box, when you are not wearing then. 

In cessation, majority of the people are now aware of the benefits of living a lifestyle that is eco-friendly. With the recycling and organic produce procedures being extended even to the sunglasses, life has become so much easier. Their light weight, enhance buoyancy therefore; the wearer is able to retrieve them even if they slipped in a pool. 

Since they are made from organic material; they need no toxicity or chemicals. These wooden glasses not only add class to the fashion sense, they are also a benefit to the environment!


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