Warm Winter Makeover for Home

A Warm Winter Makeover At Home, A Warm Winter Makeover, Home

It’s summer all year long but still we will be influenced by season especially for fashion, décor, food, travel and arts. If one says 'Winter is coming' what is the first thing that pops up your mind? This is not just a famous line that was said often by John Snow in the award winning Game of Thrones but it is the season that brings in the cold and sends most of us into a state of hibernation.

During winter the days are shorter, the nights are colder and sickness starts to creep in. It sounds unpleasant but the season doesn’t need to be. As a matter of fact, you can still maintain spring and summer positive vibes during the winter season with a winter makeover for your home. Not sure how you can do this? Get inspired with the following winter makeover ideas that will hit all of your five senses:

Get snug & watch your favourite television shows

Winter tends to be the season to hibernate in your cozy home. And you can have fun while you are getting into your hibernation mode. Get the widescreen television setup and add a bit more flair to your living room with modern TV units. Look into creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere with your surroundings. Look into investing in comfortable lounge sets, cushions, throws and duvets.


One way to keep the warmth in the air is by increasing the amount of heat and moisture in the air. One of the ideal ways to achieve this is by investing in a humidifier and a heater. The warmth tends to stay in the air longer and you could find the inside of your home feeling like the Jamaican tropics.

The hot water bottle

This bad boy may be small, but packs a powerful punch when it comes to staying warm. One of the cheapest items you can invest in, keep it nearby to warm up your blanket, your feet and your robes. Don’t place it directly on your skin as it may leave you with burns if the temperature is too hot. But it is an inexpensive way to keep warm in your home.

Continue to have the smell of the summer and spring seasons in your home

Why leave the summer and spring seasons until their time. Bring fresh scents into your home with fresh flowers, potpourri or aromatic diffusers. Fancy the smell of daisies or sunflowers, or the fresh smell of bark within your home. Another idea is to heat up pinecones in the oven to get that fresh smell of nature into your home. Hang onto the spring and summer feeling with these simple ideas.

Beat the winter blues by avoiding the touch of frost in your home

When it comes to touch, winter is the season that can easily provide the touch that makes you feel blue. This is incredibly evident when you walk across the cold tiles or wooden floor. Getting house slippers is one solution. But you can be more creative by investing in rugs for your home. The designs can add a bit of contrast and character to your dwelling. Additionally, consider installing heating systems that can heat up the floorboards or adding insulation to your home to maintain the heat inside your home.

Create a magical atmosphere

Winter doesn’t have to be dull. You can play around with the lighting inside your home to make it brighter and to create a sense of warmth within the home. Consider investing in table or standing lighting options, as well as using candles and lanterns to create a more homely feeling. Open the curtains and shutters wide to let in as much winter sunshine as possible.

Add a touch of health and colour with plants, fruits and flowers

It is a simple thing to do, but having plants and flowers around the home adds a sense of health to your environment. Additionally, you can have table centerpieces that are fruit bowls. These simple ideas will promote health, colour and vibrancy within your home.

Winter is coming but you have the choice to beat the winter blues. Leverage a few of these simple ideas and keep the spring in your step during the winter months, and come out better and brighter on the other side in the wake of spring and summer.  

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