Self Image is a Powerful & Inevitable Force

Self Image is a Powerful & Inevitable Force, Self Image

Have you ever seen some people shine so brightly that it seems like they are on cloud nine and that they simply shimmer radiance? This is what happens when the perception of your self-image is shifted from one of doubt to one of fearlessness. Living with anxiety is like living with the ghost inside our shell. Sad to say that the way the world works, perception is everything. Many people have a fear of being judged and not being socially accepted which leads to insecurities. If you don’t understand how perception works then how you can play it to your favour. Or you can continue with your old-self and suffer in silent.

The benefits of being perceived as strong
Author Robert Greene who wrote the 48 laws of power stated it best in one of his chapter titles that says “Be bold, nobody admires the timid!” Any perception that does not convey strength and boldness will continue to work against you and make things more difficult for you in your life.

The fact is, no matter how you look like, you will gain more respect, adulation and perks in life if you enhance your self-image to be amazing rather than being an average Jane. And as much as it isn’t fair to say, this is the way the system works. For example, men will always respond to beauty. And the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the beauty may be the person’s hair, facial aesthetics, tone, etc.

It is the first impression that counts. While it isn’t the determining factor to identify if someone is a good person, it certainly does create an opportunity to engage in discussion. Furthermore, a strong, appealing look opens locks to hidden doors.

The power to Reinvent Ourselves has never been easier
If there is an opportunity to make a difference to the next chapter of your life story, it is that you can build the perceived image that you want, to give you more confidence and that will help and not hinder you from achieving what you want in life. Some ways you can achieve this include:

Smiles with confidence
Going out with a sense of optimism and a beaming smile will draw more people and positivity to you. If you are concerned about your teeth, go for a dental check up and take measures to whiten your teeth to have a bright, radiant smile.

Keep good hygiene
In case you haven’t been doing it regularly, maintain regular showers and make sure that you keep your body clean in all areas. Get rid of any wavering odours that may have been lingering and replace them with fascinating scents.

Get in shape
Energy breeds more energy. As you improve your physical shape andconditions, you will start to feel better about yourself and the confidence will start shining through when you walk and talk. You may even find yourself becoming the centre of attention. Depending on your current physical condition, you may want to consider some body sculpting to get things moving a little quicker. Treatments such as cellulite removal, liposuction and tummy tucks are a quick-fix solution to getting in shape.

Dress well
When you dress yourself, you should feel like you are a million bucks. Invest in clothes that make you feel great and make you look great. You don't have to buy all the luxury and expensive clothes. Always go for those classic and timeless with good quality and compliments your shapes. Remember to walk tall and with confidence. 

As I always say, you have the choice to control the self-image that you want and make it work to your advantage. You shouldn’t have to suffer as a ghost within the shell of your own body. Make the choice to be bold and gain your freedom by committing to develop a great self-image for yourself today.

You are always awesome all you just need is a bit of changes to sparkle. I hope you like this bits of sharing and thought about Self Image is Powerful & Inevitable ForceCheers to the great weekend! 


  1. Its important to have good self confidence, and one of the ways is to reinvent ourselves. If you aren't happy with who we are, we should always take steps to ensuring we can be better people, because the better we feel about ourselves, the better we can be to those around us. Good post kelly!

  2. I hope i can have more confidence..


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