3 Runway Fashion Trends For Men And Women – Know Here!

Fashion industry undoubtedly has become the most versatile industry today, as it keeps on changing the trends. With an eclectic mix of runway collection and street-style trends, there is something for everyone this year. All the high-fashioned men and women basking in the art of being and looking extra stylish, there’s a glamorous feather in every form for them.

From the casual, comfortable yet cool dressing in summers to classic winter essential, you fashion isn’t enough if it does not match up with the latest trends. For those who want to stay ahead in the race, must be aware of the latest fashion trends in the market. You can also wear a T-shirt and look great. There's a place for comfort colors long-sleeve t-shirts in both men's and women's wardrobes. The T-shirt might seem like a simple garment at first glance but it actually enhances your personality. 

If keep yourself, up-to-date with the latest styles is your major concern, then here’s a blog post for you to help. You will get to know how you can elevate your style without much effort and that too according to the latest trends.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends, doesn’t mean you have to keep buying latest style clothes! Instead you can even stay up with the fashion staples you already have; it just that you should know how to elevate your style according to the trend. This blog post is all about that, you will learn about basic staples that are worth buying in 2019 to keep up with the latest trends.

Below, is a quick snap shot of what are the major trends you’ll be seeing in 2019 both for men and women. Scroll down to know more: 

Top Men’s Fashion Trends to keep for 2019!

1 # Light-Wash Denim

Denim is undoubtedly the most classic fashion trend of all time. Switching up the shades into a little lighter wash has officially become a trend today. Lighter shades denim is simply as versatile as of their darker predecessors. Also, referred to as the “Nineties Denim” these fashion staples portray an authentic, vintage feel design. The hallmark of these jeans is its pale finish and can be paired up with almost any top wear like sweatshirts or hoodies.

To find the best of the best brand denim of tons of styles and patterns at pocket-friendly rates, you need to sign-up to CollectOffers Malaysia. The site will help you enjoy huge discounts and savings.

2 # Vintage Watches

Vintages watches are making a serious comeback in 2019 with myriads of antique styles and detailing. Right from the very famous Rolex to Chopard, vintage watches are among those timepieces which will be serving as conservation starters and statement-making accessories like a vintage-style chained pocket watch from Dalvey to be worth buying. These bring an eclectic mix of both heirloom-status dress as well as a relatively affordable diver to spend on that would make a great addition to any collection.

3 # Mix-Matched Prints

We know the previous year was a season of maximalist, which is carried forward to the New Year. In 2019, you will find maximalist, almost everywhere. And, thus, men’s fashion trends find no exception from the maximalist styling trend this year. Deliberately playing around with different prints and patterns to design an outfit is something men love to do so. Hence, Mix-&-Match trend is the most loved fashion trend and you are surely going to see it this year.

Top Women’s Fashion Trends to Watch out in 2019!

1 # All Dolled Up

If your innermost wish is to always be an extra as possible, like now is your moment, then probably this fashion trend is for. Dressed up elegantly from top to bottom with layers, frills and a fanciful disposition of eye-pleasing colours is what this trend speaks about. 

The trend is all about portraying your beauty elegantly with a touch of femininity and style. Find an exclusive collection of stylish dresses and tops with fringe, frills and ruffle detailing and buy your favourite one at an unmatched price by finding and availing tons of coupons from mega fashion brands on Zalora Voucher.

2 # 50 Shades of Beige

A few years ago, beige-colour clothing was considered to be dull and pale. But, now beige or nude-shade (this is how most of the fashionista refers to this trend today) is gaining huge popularity among women who love minimalist dressing and prefer soothing earthy tones. 

The trend is all about wearing classic and designer outfits in coffee, cinnamon, camel and chestnut colours. By 50 shades of beige, I mean a diverse palette of flesh tones and nude colours, a mere reflection of the politicized body.

3 # Robes Coasts and Wrap Dresses

These are summer’s most loved and favourite silhouette styling and you are surely going to find them in 2019. Making up the cosiest fashion staples for fall 2019, robe coats will make you look smarter and keep your body warm, both at the same time. And for a joyful summer outfit, wrap dresses in vibrant floral prints will be a great option to choose.


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