How To Sneak Easy Body Positive Practices Into Your Daily Life

How To Sneak Easy Body Positive Practices Into Your Daily Life 

The phrase “body positivity” has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years as waves of previously insecure individuals took to social media to celebrate feelings of self-love and worth. No matter how buzzy the word is or how confident those posting say they currently feel, embracing body positivity is a constant journey. Making one post on Instagram that celebrates your unfiltered body is a great step, but it isn’t going to instantly transform your whole life into one of radical self-love.

Instead, practicing true body positivity means doing small and big things for yourself every day. Here are a few practices that can easily fit into your daily life and work to slowly reframe your perspective into a body positive one.

Show Your Body Love

When you’re having a day of harsh body thoughts, try showing your body the same kindnesses you would show a friend who is having a rough day. Look in a mirror and say the things you like about yourself, physical or otherwise, out loud. Treat yourself to a warm bubble bath, stretch out all of your body’s kinks, or take the time to apply your favorite lotion.

Ditch The Scale

A scale is never a helpful tool on the road to body positivity. Do your worrying brain a favor and remove any scales from your home. To live a peaceful and positive life, you need your home to be a space that holds as few stressors as possible. If you’re trying to keep tabs on your health, track your actions instead. Write down things like when you eat a healthy meal, attend a yoga class, or get a good night’s rest.

Regularly Repeat Mantras To Yourself

This practice might feel silly at first, but audible repetition is an effective way to cement anything into the human brain. While you look in the mirror, practice mantras like “I am healthy and beautiful, right here, right now” or “I see beauty wherever I look and I can see it right here.” 

When you drill these positive affirmations into your own mind, they’ll act as the first line of defense if you scroll through social media and start feeling down on yourself. With 42% of women reporting that they feel worse about their bodies because of social media, an effective and positive mental defense is all the more important. 

Practicing body positivity isn’t for the benefit of others in your life or a one-time deal. Integrate these practices into your daily life and you will gradually feel the effects spread to every part of your life.

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  1. Yup, we need to take good care of ourselves first before caring for others. Daily positive affirmations is really the easiest but seldom practiced, unfortunately.


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