5 Reasons to Set off on a Baltic Cruise

There is no  slowing down the ladder of popularity that the Baltic has been climbing over the last decade, especially as a cruising destination. Go on a Baltic Cruise just to experience a wholesome tourist experience, ranging from stunning architectural wonders to a rich heritage and culture. According to official numbers, more than 5 million passengers took a Baltic cruise in 2018 and the numbers are only expected to go up from there.

We have listed down the 5 top reasons why you need to venture on a Baltic cruise, in case you need more convincing:

1. Delightfully unique cuisine

Scandinavian cuisine has made a mark on the world map of cuisine, especially over the last decade since the world witnesses a refreshing surge of what is known as New Nordic Cuisine. A large part of this recognition owes to Noma Restaurant, Copenhagen's internationally known double Michelin star eatery. If your cruise starts or finishes at Copenhagen, the Danish Capital, you are in for a treat because there is an abundance of places to eat here.

2. A  rich heritage of Russian history

History enthusiasts will fall in love with St. Petersburg, which is often referred to as a jewel in the Baltic region’s crown and without being biased, the best part of every Baltic cruise. Apart from beautiful churches and imperial monuments, one can also peep into Cold War history and get a glimpse of the Communist period.

3. White summer nights
Although we intuitively condemn the Baltic for its altitude and warm temperatures, this place is paradise during summer months for tourists since the long days offer you plenty of time for sightseeing. This phenomenon is known as 'White Nights', and is particularly pleasing when you head out for an evening dinner in an open air setting.

4. Beautiful beaches

Although many find it hard to associate the Baltic with beach vacations, especially because of the climate, the region houses some of the most beautiful  beaches in the world. One of the most popular beach locations here, loved by both locals and tourists, is the Sopot Resort, located right outside Gdansk on the Polish coast. These are located at a considerable distance from the city and are ideal for a day trip.

5. Magical old towns
When people think of Eastern Europe, the image that comes to mind is one of grey, post-Soviet cities, but that is really far from what the reality is. Many Baltic states, such as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are being recognised for their charm and magnificence as are the medieval old towns of old Hanseatic cities such as Riga and Tallinn.

We hope that after you familiarise yourself with the above mentioned reasons to take a Baltic Cruise, you will book one without further delay!  

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