Why You Should Start Taking CoQ10 for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is painful, and can hinder you from going about your everyday activities with ease. Most people with neuropathy usually try to manage it with painkillers. Unfortunately, this is not the best approach. That’s because, painkillers can be addictive, when used over a long period of time. The solution is to opt for natural methods that help in dealing with the pain that comes with neuropathy. One of the best ways to do this is to use coq10. 

This is a substance in the body, more specifically in the heart, pancreas, kidney, and liver. It is also made in the lab and has been shown to prevent multiple ailments including migraines, Parkinson’s disease, among others. You are probably wondering how this is useful in dealing with neuropathy, right? Well, here is why you should start taking coq10 for neuropathy.

1.    It is not addictive

As stated above, coq10 is a naturally occurring vitamin-like substance in the human body. This means that when you take it as a way to deal with pain, you are sure that you don’t run a risk of addiction. This makes it one of the best ways to deal with neuropathy since, you can manage your pain, without fears of addictions and the resultant health problems that come with it.

2.    It is easily accessible

Unlike painkillers that need to be accessed at medical facilities, you can easily access coq10 in plants that are readily available in your local grocery store. You can even plant some of them in your backyard and get them at your convenience. Since these plants are easily accessible, you will also tend to be more consistent in using them. 

This means you are likely to have better outcomes, when dealing with neuropathy. To learn more about which plants are a good source of coq10, check out https://nervepainguide.org/.

3.    It is cheap

From the link above, one thing you will quickly notice is that most of the herbs that contain coq10 are very cheap. For instance, ginger is not only readily available, but also very cheap. This is advantageous because the pain from neuropathy is usually chronic. 

This means that taking the conventional medical route can run up your insurance costs. In essence, taking coq10 is not only more cost effective, but it also doesn’t hurt your pocket. That’s something anyone with neuropathy would appreciate a lot.

4.    It treats the root cause of the problem 

When you choose to treat neuropathy with painkillers, you are basically treating the symptoms. You aren’t dealing with the cause of the problem, which can resolve it for good. This means that you may manage the pain, but you will never be in a position to enjoy life to the fullest. 

That’s not the case when you choose to deal with it using coq10. With coq10, you deal with the cause of the problem. This means that after some time, the pain will be gone for good. For instance, Feverfew extract, which contains coq10 works to repair damaged nerves. This permanently deals with the neuropathy, for a more fruitful life.

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