Tips For Big Bust Women: The Right Bra is Your Best Ally?

Having back pain or the sagging breasts are just some of the consequences of using a bra incorrectly. This feminine piece so elementary must be chosen under certain criteria that are what will define or not its functionality. Big bust women are in more than one diatribe about their bra. They cannot stop using it, but many times they feel extremely uncomfortable about its use. A roll here, a little bust coming out from underneath, and a band curled up in the back because its straps do not give anymore, does it sound familiar?

Even if your breasts are very large, be assured that there is a proper size and shape of a bra. There are very large cups that even exceed the DD. So, do not worry, it's a matter of taking into account a few aspects to solve this problem.

The shape of the bra, the size, the straps and the band are important. Yes, basically everything about it must be taken care of if you want good support and solve all the aforementioned problems. To start solving this issue, it is important that you make use of a bra size calculator. Thanks to this tool is that you can successfully determine what your correct size is.

General considerations that you should take into account besides the size

 Large bust women usually use C, D or higher cups.
 Plus size cups must have supports on the side panels (to solve all this problem regarding the rolls lying on the sides)
 The cups should be full size, that is, those capable of collecting the entire bust and giving it shape. Strapless bras or with horizontal cuts are the worst option.
• Elastic and wide straps are much better. In these cases, they are much more functional than those of traditional adjustment in addition to helping the band to better resist the weight.
 An additional support is requested. Bra hoops immersed in these cups C and D are usually the most suitable.
 Sports bras are one of the favorite options, since they are good reducers, they keep everything in place and they are also very comfortable. The fundamental thing in these cases is to look for pieces of size L or XL or some with traditional measures (which include band size and cup).
 The cup should not press nor should generate a space between the front of the bra and your breasts.

Tips to determine if the size is really correct

If you already made use of your measure chart, then you are close to having the precise measurement of your chest. This mechanism is very effective, but usually combines much better with some techniques that you can only put into practice in a face-to-face meeting with the piece. Let's see some of them:

• There should be a space of one finger between the bra rod and your body.
• The braces must have a space of approximately 2.5 cm or 2 to 3 fingers.
 The back band should not be high or squeeze; if so, adjust the straps until you get it completely horizontal. If it is still elevated, it means that the size is incorrect.
• Nothing should leave your bust or back through any area of the bra, no matter if it is lower, lateral, or above the top edge of the cup. If so, choose the next cup and size.

After completing all the above, check the final result by putting a blouse on top of your bra; if it looks good, then you can be sure that is the correct size.

Remember that a good bra not only helps you to look better, but also will benefit your posture, avoiding pain and malformation of your bust. Choosing well is the best way to prevent, but in your case, since large breasts let see these consequences much faster.

Do not forget that when you have a clear idea of your bra size, you can enjoy the thousands of styles of bras that exist, and of course, see which the best that goes with you is. These tips are now part of your knowledge, so you can get the most out of them from now on.

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