Marks & Spencer Footwear: Insolia and Insolia Flex for Autumn Winter 2013

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After the success of the innovative Insoli technology in Autograph footwear, Marks & Spencer’s commitment to comfort and style sees the introduction of Insolia to all shoes for Autumn / Winter 2013Insolia will be built into to all footwear brands with a heel height over 40mm from September 2013 onwards ensuring that your favourite heels can be worn all day without compromising the comfort of your feet. 

Insolia technology redistributes the weight away from the balls of the feet decreasing the discomfort usually associated with wearing heels. This means less pressure on the feet and an increased stability which improves the alignment of legs and back.

And the comfort doesn’t stop there; Insolia Flex will also be introduced to all flat shoes! This ensures that the foot is correctly positioned within the shoe and improves the natural rotational movement of the ball of the foot. With so many styles to choose from, M&S has all the footwear that we need, covered for a supported, stylish, new season. Insolia will be added to all Marks & Spencer footwear brands with the exception of Footglove which has its own comfort technology built in to all styles.

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