Ma Cherie Latest Hair Care, Hair Styling & Treatment

Ma Cherie, latest Hair Care, Hair Styling, hair Treatment, shiseido japan, kawaii hair style

Ma Cherie means “my sweetheart” a unique hair care brand from Shiseido Japan that makes your hair shine like the princess you want to be. Ma Cherie Latest Hair Care, Hair Styling & Treatment a high quality hair care products for beauty conscious women who have strong inner fashion sense. She is the trend-innovator rather than the follower and enjoys pampering herself with only the best. Doll like sweet feeling… that Melts My Heart.

Ma Chérie consists of two full hair care ranges and one hair styling range designed to smooth and tame hair. The products ooze a sense of French romance and are formulated with its signature ingredient; Honey Gelee, that work together harmoniously to infuse every strand of hair with abundant moisture. This brand also has a signature floral and fruity aroma developed to induce a sweet yet romantic feeling every time you use the products.

Rediscover Ma Cherie Latest Hair Styling & Treatment Launch 
at Zender's Restaurant and Bar, Pulika Solaris Dutamas

Ma Cherie, latest Hair Care, Hair Styling, hair Treatment, shiseido japan, kawaii hair style, launch
Ma Cherie Latest Hair Care Launch @ Zender's Restaurant & Bar, Publika

This season, Ma Cherie introduced its latest sweet and romantic hair trends and call for its new styling and treatment products; Ma Chérie Decoration Keep Spray, Hair Gelee (Soft Wavy) and End Cure Milk. Formulated with Ma Chérie signature Honey Gelee and their signature floral and fruity aroma, these new products will bring you beautiful, luscious hair from roots to tips. 

Ma Cherie, latest Hair Care, Hair Styling, hair Treatment, shiseido japan, kawaii hair style, miss sunshine, sunshine kelly
Ma Cherie, latest Hair Care, Hair Styling, hair Treatment, shiseido japan, kawaii hair style, hair makeover
with Swee San. We did the quick hair styling using
Ma Cherie Hair Gelee & Decoration Keep Spray

Ma Cherie hair care packaging is simple and the colours is very princess like in pearlized milk pink. I like the sweet frutilicious scents.

Ma Cherie, latest Hair Care, Hair Styling, hair Treatment, shiseido japan, kawaii hair style, Ma Cherie Decoration Keep Spray, ma cherie End Cure Milk, ma cherie Hair Gelee
Ma Cherie Decoration Keep Spray, End Cure Milk & Hair Gelee

Ma Cherie Hair Gelee - Soft Wavy,  RM34.90 100g
This is my favourite! Use this Hair Gelee to achive bouncy hair that looks like airy waves. It gives a natural curls and it very light. It is formulated with Ma Chérie’s signature Honey Gelee. This Hair Gelee also instantly rejuvenate, smooth and moist hair to prevent styling damage and easy-to-manage hair. This light, non-oily and luxurious texture allows us to create your hair style easily with a professional salon quality. To achieve soft, airy-styled hair, squeeze a small amount of the gelee onto your palm and rub in into hair to get energetic waves again. The romantic fruity fragrance will further help to enhance the beauty of hair.

Ma Cherie End Cure Milk, RM39.90 100g
I love the sweet fruity scent that lingers on my hair and the moist but not oily feel. Ma Chérie End Cure Milk is a hair treatment that intensively repairs split ends by replenishing the nutrients needed by hair. On semi-dry or dry hair, apply an appropriate amount on hair. This non-rinse treatment is best applied on hair ends only to achieve more concentrative enrichment. This fruity-fragranced, leave-in treatment moisturizes dry ends for instantly soft and manageable hair. The hair treatment is very light that I can use it everyday and helps to protect and soften my hair.

Ma Cherie Decoration Keep Spray RM29.90
This is a finishing hair spary with ultimate strength and a lasting lift. Ma Chérie’s Decoration Keep Spray is formulated with Honey Gelee that leaves hair feeling light and silky to the touch. After styling your hair, hold the spray nozzle 15 - 20cm away from hair and spray all over. It will hold style in place while giving hair an amazing healthy finish. It also contains a romantic fruity fragrance to indulge your senses.

Availability: August 2013 at selected Guardian and Wellness Aeon outlets.

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Special tip for hair health
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Ma Cherie Latest Hair Care, Hair Styling & Treatment; Ma Cherie the romance-filled hair care brand that sweetens your lifeFor more information and updates please visit:
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