Velvet Purification Makeup for Kanebo Lunasol Autumn 2013

This Autumn 2013 season we see a graceful and elegant luster with Kanebo Lunasol deep allure Purifying Makeup. Even in an autumn Lunasol Purifying makeup is sheer and velvety texture with a hint of purplish and wine colours that comes in a deep three-dimensionality. It’s suitable for everyday and elegant look that will enhance skin radiance.  

Velvet Purification Makeup for Lunasol Autumn 2013

Eyes: VELVETFUL EYES 01 Deep Bordeaux Velvet & W SHADOW & LINER EX01 Deep Bordeaux
Lips: FULL GLAMOUR LIPS 17 Dull Soft Pink
Nails: NAIL FINISH N EX17 Dark Bordeaux
Lunasol Velvet Skin Face Color

Lunasol Velvet Skin Face Color EX01 Lucent RM160
Lunasol Velvet Skin Face Color is a limited edition face color for this season. It gives a velvety finishing. Four colors in different textures instantly camouflage pores and uneven surfaces making the skin refines, brightness and glows in Velvet Purification. It comes with a horsehair brush in a special package.

Lunasol Velvetful Eyes 

Lunasol Velvetful Eyes - 01 Deep Bordeaux; 02 Cool Olive; 
03 Dark Brown 04 Navy Black 
Lunasol Velvetful Eyes 4 Types, RM185
A four-color eye shadow set packed with various aspects of gracefully billowing velvet in the compact case. The gradation of autumn inspired deep colors in similar tones allows you to enjoy a deep, monotone makeup. Layering four colors in different textures from matt to shiny creates eyes with a velvet-like deep luster and depth. Available in 4 colours:-
01 Deep Bordeaux Velvet - for a cool and elegant look
02 Cool Olive Velvet - for achieves an intelligent and modern look
03 Dark Brown Velvet - for a natural yet sophisticated look
04 Navy Black Velvet - creates a sharp and mode look

Lunasol W Shadow & Liner - EX01 Deep Bordeaux; EX02 Cool Olive; 
EX03 Warm Brown & EX04 Smoky Black 

Lunasol W Shadow & Liner in 4 limited Shades, RM128
Another limited edition eye shadow and eyeliner set this season to further embellish the allure of Velvet Purification eyes. This is eyeliner together eye shadow is long lasting and also resistant to perspiration and sebum it’s removable with warm water. Available in 4 autumn chic colors:-
EX01 Deep Bordeaux - achieves elegant and feminine looking eyes
EX02 Cool Olive - for a modern and sophisticated look
EX03 Warm Brown - creates a natural shade around the eyes
EX04 Smoky Black - for cool and sharp looking eyes

Lunasol Brow Styling Mascara - NB02 Natural Brown &  LB02 Light Brown

Lunasol Brow Styling Mascara in 2 Colours RM90
This eyebrow mascara colors to match your hair color, provides the optimum body for the eyebrows that lasts for hours. Available in
NB02 Natural Brown - creates a natural, soft look and adding a subtle reddish nuance
LB02 Light Brown - achieves a bright look with gold pearls, adding a subtle yellowish nuance

Lunasol Coloring Cheeks - 04 Medium Beige & 05 Soft Rose 

Lunasol Coloring Cheeks in 2 New Types RM90
The new cheek colors create a natural, healthy looking complexion by blending three colors. For your information, the compact case & face brush are sold separately from the cheeks colours. 2 new types available
04 Medium Beige - for a mature and dignifi­ed look
05 Soft Rose - for a feminine and soft look

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips - 17 Dull Soft Pink; 18 Brown Red; 19 Medium Beige & 20 Soft Rose

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips in 4 New Colours RM111
Introducing 4 new colors for the lipstick inspired by the deep allure of velvet; a rich and thick autumn like coloration can be achieved. It’s moist and has the beauty essence that protects the lips.
17 Dull Soft Pink - muted hue blends softly with the skin
18 Brown Red - for a mature look with a deep and serene hue
19 Medium Beige - meltingly blends with the skin for a sophisticated look
20 Soft Rose - for gentle and feminine-looking lips

Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips - 23 Medium Pink & 24 Brown Red

Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips in 2 new colous RM104
23 Medium Pink - beautifully accentuates the beauty of the skin with a gorgeous luster
24 Brown Red - for a mature look with a sultry and  deep color

 Lunasol Nail Finish - EX17 Dark Bordeaux; EX18 Deep Olive; EX19 Dark Brown & EX20 Deep Navy   

Lunasol Nail Finish in 4 limited Colours RM56
Deep colors, yet they go on evenly and impart beautiful coloration with a single application. Dries quickly and the beautiful ‑nish lasts for a long time. Available in 4 limited colours
EX17 Dark Bordeaux - for feminine and beautiful-looking hands
EX18 Deep Olive - for a modern and sophisticated look
EX19 Dark Brown - for an autumn look with a rich coloration
EX20 Deep Navy - for a cool and mode look

Kanebo Lunasol Autumn 2013 Makeup Collection is available in September 2013

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