Urban Decay Naked on The Run

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The moment I set my eyes on this Urban Decay Naked on The Run during L’Oreal Luxe Beauty at The Beast party, I'm finished & sold… so tempted to run away with this palette hehehe. This is a must have, want to have and need to have for this Christmas and Holiday muahahah! Hey, even I’m on the run, I still want to look good. I am sure you too, right? Look, this Naked on the Run is the all-in-one palette makes any situation easy and foolproof from trips, post-gym sessions, to last-minute invites to stay the night.

OLDTOWN White Curry

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Heyo! Do you want to join me for a bowl of OLDTOWN White Curry noodles? Finally I can savour and satisfy my cravings for Penang White Curry noodles in OLDTOWN White Coffee café; plus it is available in 5 types of noodles such as pan mee, macaroni, mee, mee hoon and hor fun. This is the latest OLDTOWN White Curry Series promotion partnership with MyKuali from 17th November till January 2015.

From Office Lady To Tai Tai Look - Corshacomo Zebra Dress & Fedora Hat

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That day I was wearing the Zebra Ops Dress from Corshacomo to work and out of sudden I received a call from my tai tai friend for hi tea with her friends to discuss some work and etc. So what so I do to make myself look glam for her so called impromptu tea party hmmm… Here the tips, simply by adding some accessories to what we wear, we can transform from one look to another. Let me show you how?