Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate Review

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I am sure you have heard the rave about this new Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate that was launched recently. What do you think is inside this red bottle? Another serum? Hmmm… actually this red bottle contains powerful ingredients that can help our skin cell defensive system against signs of aging, environmental pollution and daily stress.

Gerald Butler - Man of Today

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Men today are passionate and real; have grit yet refinement; are in touch with emotions, and driven while compassionate. The notion of success has also changed significantly; no longer does traditional, external success define today’s man; instead he creates his own, varied story of success. This redefinition of masculinity blends with the ideals of Boss Bottled, the scent that complements the Man of Today and his path to success.

Bites Cafe @ Lake Fields

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Where shall we go for some good bites? This is the question that often popped up whenever we are in the midst of deciding where to hangout with friends or family. Well, last Sunday I found Bites Café at Lake Fields in Sungai Besi area. Good coffee, food, ambience and companions what more can I asked for a Sunday lunch and hangout.