Kose Skin Tech 2015, The Future Skincare

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Two unique innovations and one effective ingredient were unveiled at the recent Kose Skin Tech 2015 that was held in Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Kojic Acid technology from gastronomic tradition to perfect skin clarity is also the active ingredient behind two new key products from the well-loved prestigious skincare the Infinity Kose and Cosme Decorte, defining the future skincare.

The Suave of Cityscape by Mary Kay

Hey Urbanites! Perhaps this is the fragrance that you are looking for all these while. Well, the new Cityscape by Mary Kay fragrance for men and women are inspired by the simple sophisticated in modern architecture and bustling city streets. That symbolizes the endless connections around us. The fragrance captures the essence of these connections we call life and celebrate the beauty with style of effortless elegance. I adore perfume that is suave and not so overpowering with a hint of floras. How about you?

Looking for Gadgets & Information at Malaysia IT Fair 2015

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Yay to the long weekend plus Monday is a public holiday because it’s Merdeka Day. I guess it’s time for me to do some spring cleaning and data backup this weekend. So I need extra external hard disk and some other gadgets. Here I was at the Malaysia IT Fair 2015 (MITF 2015) with some blogger friends to check out what is new and great bargain at the fair plus the seminars too.