The Differences Between Antique, Estate, and Vintage Jewelry

In this generation where everything seems to have labels, sometimes it can bring a lot of confusion when it comes to knowing the exact term to describe something. This often happens when it comes to telling the difference between pieces of jewelry. A lot of people don't know the differences between antique, estate, and vintage jewelry. These words are often used when it comes to describing old pieces. However, not a lot of people know how to distinguish one from another. How will you know if jewelry is antique? How will you know if it is considered vintage?

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The Therapy Booster by THE FACE SHOP, Boost Your Skincare Efficacy

Hey! Do you want to know how you can boost your existing skincare & makeup efficacy? Well I’m going to share some tips & tricks whereby you can freshly custom-blend your skincare and makeup foundation or base according to our skin needs every day without have to change our existing products. Plus now you can boost the efficacy of your skincare and makeup with these all-new The Therapy Booster from THE FACE SHOP.

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The Therapy Booster by THE FACE SHOP Boost Your Skincare Efficacy

What People Don't Know About Yoga Yet

Yoga has become common in the world we have today. Often you come across yoga events, classes, retreats, and workshop. Most television stations, and you tube have included yoga programs to guide people on how to do yoga properly. Moreover, you will easily find by chance yoga books and articles. This means yoga has become a common trend. However, some people know the basics. Others still do not now the specific details about yoga, on how it originates, what are the benefit we can get from it, and some other practices.

How to Get the Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

For those celebrities who have a stylist to hand, a bad hair day is never really something we see them have in public!  However, for the rest of us non-celebrities, there are often many days when we feel that our hair does not look at its best a few weeks after visiting the hair salon.  In turn, this can make all the difference in how we not only look but, more importantly, how we feel when styling our hair becomes a battle.

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8 Delusions and Myths About Hypnosis

When you hear the term, “hypnosis” the image of a person with a spinning wheel and a pendulum comes to mind. As it turns out, that is one of the methods which can be used, but it is hardly the best way or the only way to perform hypnosis.