Interview with Carla Soong - Changing Skin Destiny

Interview with Carla Soong, Changing Skin Destiny, SK-II

It was a pleasant morning to have an interview with Carla Soong, model, celebrity, mother or two and loyal SK-II user. Carla turned up with a casual outfit and very minimum makeup looking radiant and fresh. I could not stop admiring her flawless skin and her slim silhouette. Well, it’s more like a chat session because Carla is quite a cheerful and friendly person. She shared a lot about her career family and her beauty regimen.

Guinness Amplify @ Foley’s Oasis Ara Damasara

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Ola! Another Saturday night chilled out with good music, companions and environment at Guinness Amplify @ Foley’s Oasis Ara Damansara. The Foley’s Oasis Sky Bar is an open air and casual concept bar overlooking the fountain at the square; a relaxing spot to unwind.

Charity: Save a Child Every Minute

Charity, Save a Child Every Minute

It’s the last day of September, I am sharing this charity drive - Save a Child Every Minute to prevent children under 5 dying from diarrhoea every minute. Well, RB (formerly called Reckitt Benckiser) joins hands with save the children to Save a Child Every Minute.