Where's My MAMA? Campaign The Body Shop and TRAFFIC

When you are still a young kid have you ever encounter you suddenly lost sight of your mother in shopping malls, parks or restaurant or… How do you feel at the moment? Scared? Stunned? Angry? Crying and shouting as loud as you can for Mama. Fortunately, Mama will find you back…

Do you know that everyday countless young wild animals are orphaned when their mothers are captured or slaughtered for the illegal wildlife trade? Countless young wild animals are crying Where’s my Mama? And the sad things is that their Mama is not going to come back… they will never find their Mama back. How sad… Many young are also taken from the wild and end up in the illegal trade because someone wants a cute pet. 

The Body Shop launched “Where’s My Mama” campaign in April 2011, jointly organized together with TRAFFIC South East Asia

According to activists' estimates, this trade generates profits of a whopping 500 million dollars a year! This is why The Body Shop Malaysia is taking a stand against this cruel, yet money making business. Urge the public to consider the impact of their purchases. 

The campaign features the orang-utan, tiger and sun bear, all of which are affected by this aspect of illegal wildlife trade.

For each young Orang-utan found in trade, an estimated two to four others die. Some experts place the figure as high as eight. There are two species of orang-utan – the Sumatran and the Bornean, both of which are in serious trouble. Trade in young animals as pets, coupled with huge levels of habitat loss have pushed Asia's only great apes to the brink of extinction.

Adult tigers are hunted and snared to feed the demand for tiger parts, leaving cubs to fend for themselves. Of the nine subspecies, only six survive today. Less than a century ago more than 100,000 tigers roamed Asia's forests but today, largely due to poaching to supply the demand for their parts used in traditional medicines and as trophies, only approximately 3000 survive. And the poaching continues. 

Malaysia's only bear species, the Malayan sun bear, is the smallest of the world's eight bear species. And they are in trouble. Adult bears are illegally hunted for their gall bladder, their meat and body parts. Orphaned cubs are defenseless, as they rely entirely on their mother for the first two years of their life – when the mother is killed, the cubs perish. Sadly, the cubs are also captured for the pet trade or to be put on display in zoos.

Where’s my Mama campaign was launch in Aman Rimba, Janda Baik. A peaceful place for retreat and relaxation with lots of greenery, nice scenery and nature. 

 The Location Map to Aman Rimba
The Body Shop Malaysia runs its signature "Kick the Bag" campaign, asking the public to report illegal wildlife trade to the Wildlife Crime Hotline.

Wild life Crime
Hotline 019-356 4194
Email: report@malaysiatiger.net

These paper bags, act as a tool to help spread the word and draw awareness to the campaign. In store, The Body Shop will be giving out postcards featuring orang-utan, tiger and sun bear to customers that frequent the stores.

  Its a hot sunny day. I want to take a shower and eat this watermelon now
  A pair of Black Swan


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  1. Thanks for your support Kelly! Wildlife needs all the help they can get. Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth, you are most welcome. Will help to spread the awareness and stop wildlife trade.

  3. Thanks for spreading the word about the Wildlife Crime Hotline! More people keeping an eye out for wildlife crimes and reporting it will lead to fewer baby animals losing their mamas to this cruel trade. One correction: the email to report to is report@malayantiger.net. - May, MYCAT

  4. Nice! Alam Rimba looks like an awesome place...a nature retreat kinda ambience that makes you want to spend a weekend there with your cell phone off and no net connection. Just chilling and getting aquainted with nature. :)

    ...and yeah, the orang utan trade is really bad in some parts of Sarawak and Sabah (am born in Sarawak). The poachers sell it openly in border areas. Quite sad considering orang utan is an endangered species and they're quite human like, very soulful eyes.

  5. Hi May (MYCAT), thanks for drop by my blog. Its sad to read, hear or see baby animals losing their mamas...

  6. Hi Huai Bin, need to spread the awareness of wildlife trading. esp... in sabah & sarawak


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