Product Review: Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo and Conditioner

I color, perm and blow dry my hair often. That’s a lot of damaged done on my hair… Plus I hardly have time to really take good care of my hair. I found a new Shampoo and Conditioner that are suitable for my problematic hair. Have been using it for almost 2 weeks already and its time to share the good news... 

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo and Conditioner

Charles Worthington  product was launched in Malaysia last month, only available in Watsons. For details about the launch click HERE

I don’t like my hair to look like this….its ugly. 
Look like lion head. Sad :( 

Dry, brittle, dull and definitely ugly hair

Moisture Seal Shampoo

Thirst-Quencher for my dry and damaged hair
Give dry and dehydrated locks a powerful moisturising hit with Moisture Seal, specially formulated shampoo for dry hair. Part of the Salon Results collection, this unique moisturising shampoo is designed to leave your hair exquisitely nourished from root to tip. The formula contains a special blend of moisturising ingredients, including Argan Oil, to wash away impurities and provide an all over moisture boost at the same time.

Review: This shampoo not much lather and not that soapy but cleanse thoroughly without drying the hair. My hair feels soft, smooth and moisture. I need exquisitely nourish my hair from root to tip. The most important is that no dandruff after using it because I have tried a few types of moisturizing shampoo but they caused dandruff after a while using them. 
Moisture Seal Shampoo Ingredients

Texture: Clear color
Scent: The scent is mild and lasting. Like the fresh, fruity and floral mild scent.
Result: This moisture enhancing shampoo, with a special blend of moisturizing ingredients including Argan Oil, provides and overall moisture boost and helps seal in the moisture longer.
Recommendation: Home care shampoo with good moisturizing result.
Directions: Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly to reveal your deeply nourished end result. For optimum results use Moisture Seal Conditioner after shampoo. 
Content: 250ml
Price: RM 29.90
Moisture Seal Conditioner

Hydrate Therapy for my hair
We need to use Conditioner every time after Shampoo. This is Conditioner helps to lock in the moisture and nourish my hair. Result smooth and silky hair. It also untangled my hair. My hair roots not so brittle and dry anymore. This conditioner does not caused oily scalp. Its will not cause greasy or oily. Its nourishing formula with Argan oil and specially blended ingredients, transform brittle and styling damaged hair in one delicious application. Helping to seal in moisture for longer, leaving hair replenished and revitalised.

Moisture Seal Conditioner Ingredients

Texture: Cream off white color
Results: Dry and lacklustre hair is left replenished and revisited with soft, smooth, glossy finish.
Recommendation: Home care conditioner with good moisturizing result. Not greasy.
Need: This moisture enhancing conditioner, with a special blend of moisturizing ingredients including Argan Oil, provides and overall moisture boost and helps seal in the moisture longer whilst infusing hair with all the nourishing nutrients it needs.
Direction: After shampooing, squeeze out excess water before smoothing conditioner liberally through your hair with your finger or comb. Leave it for at least 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly to reveal deeply nourish end result.
Content: 250ml
Price: RM 29.90
Results Before and After Using 
Charles Worthington Shampoo & Conditioner for 2 weeks

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Range

Developed and tested by Charles himself, Moisture Seal has been designed to nourish lacklustre, brittle hair and actively seal in moisture. Every product in the Moisture Seal range contains Argan Oil. The allure of this ancient Moroccan oil comes from its high levels of natural antioxidants including vitamin E, which is rich in phenols, carotenes and essential fatty acids. Moisture Seal Shampoo and Conditioner, Mineral Hair Rescue and Hair Healer, form a superior dry hair care range that replenishes and revitalises for an intensive moisturising experience, miraculously injecting hair with a lustrous sheen.


Charles’ Tips: Dry, lacklustre hair requires regular nourishment. For an additional moisture boost, use Mineral Hair Rescue Intensive conditioner once a week alongside with Moisture Seal regime to replenish hair to its full potential.

Want to know more?? Stay tune for more upcoming Charles Worthington products reviews… Mineral Hair Rescue Rejuvenating Masque, Time Defy Style Reviving Mousse, Shine All Over Gloss Spray, Shine Finishing Touch Polish

All Charles Worthington products are available at Watsons

For more information visit Charles Worthington  and Watsons 


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  2. The problem you face for using too much shampoo that is hair loss. Shampoo containing the various elements. But every element is not helpful for hair. The SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate) is injurious to the scalp and is one of the main reasons for hair drop. So do not use excess shampoo to your hair . Use shampoo every 1-2 days but not using excess shampoo. When you use too much shampoo it create too much lather and it thinned your hair. On the other hand using excessive shampoo dry and hares your hair.

  3. Now that more vloggers have come to know about its flawless finish it seems everyone is now using it. I also heard their mascara’s and blushes are too die for, Monat


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