Fashion Tips: Why Is Color Blocking So Popular Right Now

Color blocking is a fad that is flooding the fashion industry right now. The fashion world has also been paying close attention to this fad because it's an intriguing trend to watch. Color blocking has been a common trend for a few years now, but it seems to have taken a more definitive turn this year, with a few key colors making a big splash.

Fashion Tips: Why Is Color Blocking So Popular Right Now
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How Does Color Blocking Work?

Color blocking is a style of design that uses contrasting colors on a grid to create a bold and graphic effect. It is one of the most popular and easiest ways for those interested in fashion to experiment with, as it's easy to implement. Many different color combinations can be used, but the key idea is to choose two colors and use them as blocks. The contrast in color can help make clothing look more three-dimensional and striking. The sections help attract attention by standing out more than an object with just one solid color. 

You may need to purchase new clothes to implement this trend, but you don't have to worry about the cost. Today, you can typically find almost any fashion item online and save a lot of money by using a coupon. If you are looking for fashionable clothing from brands like Kohl's, you can visit Swagbucks to see what they have available. When shopping, you must consider the theory behind color blocking to select the correct items to follow this trend. Essentially, color blocking is when you use two or more different colors of the same intensity to create a look. You can do it by wearing various articles of clothing from multiple colors, selecting one piece of each color, or pairing items from two different colors together.

Quick Color Blocking Tips

Color blocking is a technique in fashion design of dividing the color scheme of clothing into blocks. A color block is a piece of clothing with a single color or only two colors of fabric, generally positioned so that one of the two colors blocks one side and the other color blocks the other side. 

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Be Careful When Selecting Colours

If you are new to color blocking, it is wise to choose your color carefully. This technique looks straightforward to implement but can go drastically wrong if you opt for clothing that looks too "wacky." The best thing is to grab a color wheel off the internet and see which contrasting colors are the most aesthetically pleasing to your eye.

Go Bold And Bright

This Is the Year of the bold! Ditch the pastels and opt for vibrant colors that make a statement. You will brighten up anyone's day that comes into contact if you have chosen the right combination.

Use Patterns To Experiment 

Color blocking is all about contrast. To that end, you can also go for contrasting patterns as well as colors. You might consider stripes with polka dots or stripes and solid colors. Whatever you feel looks excellent, you should give it a try.

Bring Color To Your Accessories

Following the general contrasting theme, you can use accessories to significant effect when attempting this trend. Moreover, you can turn a run-of-the-mill outfit into something that pops simply by adding a vibrant and contrasting ring, necklace or bracelets, etc.

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You Should Never underestimate a Plain White Shirt

When you are trying out this fashion, you must never forget that it is all about contrast. You always have to choose the wackiest colors or the most vibrant hues. You can always opt for a basic white shirt on top and a flash of color for the trousers.

Use Contrasting Fabrics

This tip is for the more advanced color-blocking fashionistas out there because it takes some skill to carry off. This uses the same opposing technique as you would with color but applying it to fabrics instead. This might mean paring silk with wool or cotton with leather. You can really have fun here and experiment with almost anything you think will work.

Color Blocking Through The Years

It first rose to prominence during the 1940s, and French designer Yves Saint Laurent popularized the technique. He began designing dark garments with white stripes that he called "barrels" or "color-blocks." He became inspired by this style after seeing the works of famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Nevertheless, it came into its own during the swinging 60s when color and freedom to choose how you look became the zeitgeist. Since then, it has remained somewhat popular but has had periods of prominence and obscurity, with the last significant boost being during the 90s. However, it has come back again and seems to be on everyone's list of styles to try out.

Color Blocking Benefits

A fashion designer's goal is to make a fashion statement and be creative. A way to make this happen is by using color blocking, combining contrasting colors and patterns. Designers often use color blocking as a way to create a strong statement with their clothing lines. Using different blocks of hues, you can create a cohesive and visually striking look using this technique. These blocks can be anything from shapes to patterns, and some of the benefits include:

It creates a focal point by separating the content visually.

It can make you appear taller or thinner.

Enables you to experiment and use your imagination.

It can look amazing when done correctly.

You can really make a statement.

Overall, color blocking is an enjoyable trend to try out. It's not hard, but it does take a bit of imagination, research, and some skill to know how to play with it. If you're not on the bandwagon yet, it's time to hop aboard. You don't have to snap up every item of clothing that comes your way with a new season; there are plenty of other ways to keep your wardrobe fresh without spending loads on trendy pieces. If you are on a budget, you can utilize coupons or repurpose old clothes that would have looked garish in the past. If you wish to try this newest fashion trend, you have many options.

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